Rick’s Friday Five

From Rick:

1) what’s the last movie you saw in a theater, and how was it?
Bend It Like Beckham — fabulous film.

2) what’s the best movie you’ve seen in a theater this year?
Haven’t seen any.

3) what movie are you most looking forward to for the summer blockbuster season?
I don’t really have one that I’m looking forward to per se.

4) what was the last DVD you watched?
Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood

5) would you recommend buying it, renting it or skipping it – and why?
If you’re into chick flicks and you liked the book, buy it or rent it. If you hate chick flicks, ship it. (It’s the definition of a chick flick.)


I did the BestPlaces.Net survey and ended up with:

1 Boston, MA-NH-ME
2 San Francisco, CA
3 Long Island, NY
4 Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV
5 Denver, CO
6 Boulder-Longmont, CO
7 New York, NY
8 Danbury, CT
9 Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI
10 Chicago, IL

San Jose, CA (where I grew up) came in at #31. The nearest place to where I actually live came in at #94. Columbus, OH (where I lived before) was #141.

This was not all that surprising because I was raised in an urban culture and I guess I like having certain things around even if I never make use of them. The questions didn’t really talk a lot about the culture though. I have to say that I really love living in a town of 1800 people compared with an urban area. Life is slower, the people are nicer, and I can always find a way to work it out if I’m really desperate for something. I would like to be closer to the Cities, but I’m content for now.

Career Friday Five

1. What do you do for a living?
Currently a pastor’s wife, domestic manager, and cat rancher.

2. What do you like most about your job?
Flexible hours.

3. What do you like least about your job?
Stuck in the house all day. I also get to screen phone calls from cranky parishoners occasionally.

4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because I’m tired

5. What other career(s) are you interested in?
Being a pastor if I can every get back to seminary to finish.

Rick’s Friday Five

1) what would you do the first day after being elected president?
Sleep in and send my vice-president out to get me some chai at C’bou.

2) what would you do the first day after losing the election for president?
I’m with Rick on this — prank call the White House pressroom. *goes off to think of a good prank call*

3) as president, which country would you try to build diplomatic ties with?
Norway. Make a deal that if we promise not to send Britney Spears over there on a tour that they’ll stop exporting the dregs of their cuisine over here.

4) as vice president, on which late night talk show would you like to be a guest?
Letterman. Why is there any question of this????

5) as the first lady, what would you add to the white house decor?
It’s all about tye-dye.

Cindy’s Friday Five

Heather is taking a break today so Cindy created her own.

1) What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s raining out?
Curl up with a book and a cat and watch the thunder and lightning.

2) How often do you go to the library?
Whenever I need a new book.

3) When was the last time you sent an actual letter or card via snail mail, and what was the occasion?
When I responded back to the letter a family friend sent me. (She writes me frequently to encourage me in my pastor’s wivery.)

4) What is your favorite radio station?
The local NPR one.

5) What is your favorite kind of hot tea?
Lipton Lemon n’ Honey!

Michelle’s Friday Five

This is posted on behalf of Michelle who can’t post it on her site for some technical reasion.

If you…

1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
Hmmm… probably stir frys (or is it stir fries?). Stir fry is always good. Or pizza. I can make good pizza if someone else will make the dough. I could hire someone.

2. …owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
T-shirts. I would screen-print the coolest tees on the planet.

3. …wrote a book, what genre would it be?
I would write a novel. It would be a story about something interesting. Probably teen targeted.

4. …ran a school, what would you teach?
Art or something else fun. Maybe Adolescent Culture or something on developing ministry strategies, if there is such a thing.

5. …recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
Cool stuff. I can’t really sing all-so-well, so it would be humourous to say the least. I’d be more excited about doing the little booklet thingy for the inside of the CD case.

Site Changes

I’m playing around with WordPress right now (and have been for the last few days). I’m thinking of moving my site and changing its name and I wanted to know what other people think. It would still be on peacefulwaters.org but probably a different subdomain or something.

If you want to add your input, leave me a comment and answer the following questions:

1.) Should I move the site and change the name?
2.) If yes, what should the new name be?

I’ve got some names in mind but I’d love to hear from people on this.