The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 15, 2019

For Today… January 15, 2019 Looking out my window… dark. It was not bad today — not warm but sunny. I am thinking… about the design project for my Publisher class on which I am procrastinating by creating this blog post. I am thankful… for a good start to tutoring this quarter. One of my …
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7 Quick Takes: Dr. Sears Is A Moron Edition

— 1 — Schadenfreude. I was incredibly happy to see that the State of California temporarily revoked the medical license of Dr. Bob Sears, the idiotic southern California pediatrician whose vaccine book has been denounced by every pediatrician I know (and I hang with some of the best in the nation). Play stupid games, win …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 1, 2019

For Today… January 1, 2019 Looking out my window… clear and chilly (at least to me) with temps in the 30’s F. I am thinking… about this coming year. I am thankful… for Daniel going back to school tomorrow. He’s been chomping at the bit for a few days. One of my favorite things… ice …
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7 Quick Takes: Insert A Witty Title Here Edition

— 1 — Nostalgia. How many of you had a Caboodles cosmetic case when you were little? Apparently, they’re selling vintage ones now. I’d get one, but I never wear make-up! — 2 — NaNo update. I’m in the world-building part of NaNoWriMo prep. It’s harder this year because I don’t have anyone I want …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 18, 2018

For Today… September 18, 2018 Looking out my window… sunny and quite nice. It’s around 60F here and I’m liking it. I am thinking… about the learning objectives I have to write for my internship this fall… and finding that I am at a loss for words. *sighs* I am thankful… for two quiet days …
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7 Quick Takes: Jen Is Dead Tired Edition

— 1 — Prayer request. Fulton, the son of our hostess-with-the-mostest Kelly, had spinal fusion surgery on Tuesday. He’s doing better but he’s still not a happy little panda. (Spines get stabby when you correct them.) Could y’all please keep him and his parents in your prayers? Thanks! — 2 — Another prayer request. Daniel …
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