Evergreen State

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Father’s Day 2016

For Today… Looking out my window… a nice sunny day with temperatures in the low 60’s. I’m loving the climate here in Washington. I am thinking… about my to-do list this week and what needs to go in my brain planner. I am thankful… for this quiet morning. One of my favorite things… a decent …
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7 Quick Takes: June Blogs Edition

I’m on the road from Salem to northern Washington as most of you are reading this. I pre-wrote it and scheduled it while sitting in Pep Boys on Monday. I’ll have someone *coughcoughcoughBethAnnecoughcoughcough* link it up at Kelly’s when the link-up for this week’s Quick Takes goes live. **UPDATE** I got waylaid by car troubles …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: June 5, 2016

For Today… June 5, 2016 Looking out my window… hot hot hot. 90F at the moment and I can’t wait to move to a colder climate! I am thinking… about what is on my plate tomorrow as far as packing up the contents of my closets as well as my clothes. There will definitely be …
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