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Seeing my community come together following the local shooting on Friday. (For those who don’t read my blog normally, the Cascade Mall shooting was local for me.) The small shrine at the mall sign is growing still, the vigil held on Monday night was very well-attended, and there’s even a prayer wall composed of two pieces of butcher paper at the college.

Sarai Lara, the 15 year old killed in the shooting, was a student at my town’s high school and the principal created a GofundMe account for memorial t-shirts for all the students. After only two days, it’s been fully funded and I feel really blessed to have gotten to be one of the donors.


This fact-check of Monday’s debate from NPR. I like that they included a transcript of the debate and nested the fact-check blurbs into it so that you can read the transcript and see the various blurbs in context. (Props to Laura of Coptic Dad and Mom for bringing it to my attention.)


This piece on Philip Yancey from HuffPo Religion. Apparently, I’m in good company in being baffled by evangelical support of Donald Trump. Yancey comes from a fundamentalist background and went more mainstream evangelical so I’m not surprised that he is not a fan of Trump. For an understanding of why I’m saying this, read What’s So Amazing About Grace? and Vanishing Grace.


This piece on the value of being alone. Who knew that my need for “mama time” was such a good thing? 🙂


Singing in my church choir. Getting to go sing for 60-90 minutes on Wednesday nights and on Sunday mornings is divine. (No pun intended.) Tonight involved some Mendelssohn, Holst, and gospel.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 25, 2016

For Today… September 25, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was in the low 60’s today and very nice.

I am thinking… about how to structure my study time this week.

I am thankful… that they arrested a suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting.

One of my favorite things… Homer being a snuggly kitteh.

I am wearing… jammies. Church clothes today were a black cardigan and jeans from Kohl’s, a black t-shirt from Old Navy, and my black flats. I ditched the flats and cardigan after church. I was also wearing my 49’ers necklace that Rebecca made for me so I could rep my boys at church.

I am creating… plans for Write 31 Days.

I am watching… “Lock-Up: San Antonio — Extended Stay”. I’m kind of addicted to police/jail/forensic shows.

I am hoping… the Giants make it to the wild card game!

I am learning… how to write and solve problems with T accounts in my Practical Accounting I class.

In my kitchen… Mom made Guinness stew tonight.

In the school room… Daniel continues to do well in his autism program.

Post Script… I love this piece on how to live through anything.

Shared Quote… I seriously feel like this is a fitting quote that refers to everyone who tells me that Daniel’s autism is due to us vaccinating him. (For the 1500th time, vaccines do not cause autism.) Let’s also not even get into the political applications of it…

A fitting quote for these days.

A moment from my day… I’m enjoying the various videos on bullet journals out there. I would love to have one but I am too much of a perfectionist and I lack the ability to draw a straight line.

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The Cascade Mall Shooting

I honestly don’t usually weigh in on stuff like this but…

1.) I live in Skagit County (where Burlington is located).
2.) It’s my local mall and I was in the area earlier in the day.

I heard about it last night when my cousin’s wife Facebooked us about an hour after it happened. We’re one town south of there and on the southern edge of that town so we wouldn’t have heard any ambulances or police cars. When Mom told me about the Facebook mess, I turned on the TV and they reported that the Burlington-Edison High School football game was being evacuated and then my phone started buzzing with an alert from the community college that the campus apartments were being locked down. The college cancelled all classes today which I think is kind of excessive, given that the mall is 3 miles away and it’s highly unlikely that the shooter would be on campus when there are woods near the mall where they could hide.

People here are in shock because Burlington (and the town where I live) are small towns where this kind of stuff never happens. I was at Fred Meyer today, which is across the street from the mall, and there is still a lot of police tape, road blocks, and there’s a police SUV patrolling the parking lot. There were cars in the parking lot but I think they were all police detectives and cars of people who hadn’t been able to get them last night because it was an active crime scene. South Burlington Blvd., the street where the mall is located, is where most of the box stores like Costco and Home Depot are as well as an outlet mall that draws people from all over the area and even a few from across the border in British Columbia. If they wanted to pick a place with a lot of people, they definitely succeeded.

There are some people on Twitter making stupid comments about how they’re looking for a Hispanic male but it was probably a Muslim terrorist; and also how “Allahu akbar” apparently sounds a lot like “como estas?”. I’m trying not to flip my spit at them because seriously… PEOPLE DIED LAST NIGHT!!!! I can also say that it’s *HIGHLY* unlikely that the shooter was of Middle Eastern extraction but it’s totally possible that they were Hispanic because we have a pretty big Hispanic community up here. (It’s an agricultural area so we have a number of migrant workers who have settled here and a lot of churches here have Spanish ministries, including mine.)

So… if y’all could please keep those affected by the shootings as well as Skagit County in your prayers, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you want reliable details on what happened and what the latest news on it is, the websites for Seattle news stations are here, here, and here.

**UPDATE** A suspect has been arrested. Details here.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 19, 2016

For Today… September 19, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. We had a wonderful rainy weekend, some sun yesterday, more rain today, and I think we’re clearing up again.

I am thinking… about my Excel/Access class and how I’m going to structure my week to get in the work I need to get done.

I am thankful… that my first Practical Accounting class went well today. It seems like it will be a fun class.

One of my favorite things… Daniel not being wired and going to sleep without a fight. That isn’t going to happen tonight. 🙁 On the other hand, he had a good day of school today.

I am wearing… jammies. My outfit today was my charcoal shirt from Old Navy, jeans from Kohl’s, running shoes from (now defunct) Sport Authority, and my blue hoodie from Costco.

I am creating… this entry. 🙂

I am watching… COPS. It’s an addiction.

I am hoping… the Giants make it into the wild card game.

I am learning… about accounting basics and balance sheets.

In my kitchen… Dad made a fabulous tri-tip yesterday for Sunday dinner.

In the school room… Daniel continues to have a fabulous time in his class.

Post Script…

Shared Quote… I saw this on Facebook and it seemed appropriate. (Artwork done by Lori Hetteen.)

This seems to apply to my life.

A moment from my day… One of my favorite songs to use when working with Confirmation kids.

Closing Notes: I am honestly disgusted that Ashley Madison (the dating site for lechers has a commercial on DISH Network’s non-local channels. Its existence is horrible in the first place but encouraging people to step out on their significant others is evil.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: September 12, 2016

For Today… September 12, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny and in the 70’s. It was cold enough in the house this morning that I had a hoodie on over my jammies while getting Daniel ready for school and on the bus!

I am thinking… about the classes I’m going to try and take this fall.

I am thankful… for a wonderful alto part in the anthem we sang for the offertory yesterday. It is so rare to find one this good in regular choral music.

One of my favorite things… my iced grande vanilla latté from $tarbux.

I am wearing… a green striped shirt and jeans. I’m barefoot as usual.

I am creating… various things with yarn.

I am listening to… one of the classical channels on Dish Network. (I think it’s Ensemble?)

I am hoping… to get all the application and registration stuff done in time for Fall Quarter.

I am learning… what my stomach will and will not allow me to eat. IBS stinks!

In my kitchen… my mom made beef burgundy yesterday and we ate it over some squash that my aunt brought. Dessert was plum clafouti and ice cream.

In the school room… Daniel continues to enjoy school.

Post Script… I am totally *NOT* surprised that vaccine critic Dr. Robert Sears is being charged with gross negligence and about to lose his license to practice medicine. Seriously, why would you trust a doctor that does not do his due diligence and do something as simple as REQUEST THE FREAKING RECORDS for a kid he is about to exempt from vaccines, endangering the life of this kid (for whom there is no proof that he actually had the problematic reaction in question) and the rest of us?

Seriously, I cannot understand the complete stupidity of some people.

Shared Quote… This isn’t a quote but an observation. My parish has two congregations sharing a building and we’ve been worshiping together for most of the summer, which means that worship is in both English and Spanish. Yesterday, our first hymn was “Amazing Grace” which is “Sublime Gracia” in Spanish. I find the idea of grace being “sublime” to be an interesting thought. 🙂

A moment from my day… One of my favorite classical pieces — the Bach: Concerto for Two Pianos in C major BWV 1061 (Vivace). I will never have advanced enough piano skills to play even one of the parts but I love the piece. It showcases the intricacy of Bach’s music and why he is the composer whose music I go to mentally when I need a happy place.

Closing Notes: I came across this on Facebook and I recommend checking it out as the pictures of the athletes in their native dress are stunning.

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Road Rage in the Evergreen State

I’ve been a Washingtonian for almost three months now and there’s something that has shocked me up here other than the amount of humidity.

It’s the level of road rage.

I don’t know if it has to do with the number of Canadian drivers navigating strange shopping centers and adding to traffic on already congested I-5 but people here are pretty cranky. I have been flipped off and screamed at more times than I can count as well as had people tailgate me.

In the last week:

[+] I was driving on errands on Saturday and there was a guy sitting across two lanes of traffic in front of Fred Meyer. My thought was that he tried to cross to the left turn lane and got stuck… until I saw him repeatedly hitting his horn. I looked up, saw that the light was green in that lane, and thought it was weird that he wasn’t moving. Then, he turned off his car, got out, walked to the car in front of him, and started screaming expletives at them. By the time he got back in his car, the car in front of him had gone so he hit gas causing him to literally lay out rubber as his tires squealed. He made it through the intersection before it turned red and I was just shaking my head because the second part of the exchange was completely unnecessary. For all I knew, the driver in the car in front had a stalled engine or perhaps the person in front of them hadn’t moved or something.

[+] A couple days ago, I was trying to get into the drive-thru at my favorite $tarbux and in the process, I accidentally blocked the lane while I tried to maneuver. No big deal most of the time… except that a jerk in a Suburban decided to roll down his window and ask me rudely if I planned to block the lane after he went through. I rolled up my window and didn’t respond… but I would have loved to respond that I only planned to block the lane while he was occupying it.

[+] Drivers here seem equally as likely as California drivers to pull up flush with my car when I’m trying to change lanes on I-5 for the sole purpose of preventing me from changing lanes so I can exit the interstate. God forbid I cause one less car to be on I-5 during peak congestion!

[+] Yesterday, I had someone speed up behind me as I changed lanes. (They weren’t there when I checked my blind spot.) They then decided to lay on the horn for about a minute and a half. Because, you know, it was a travesty that it would take them an extra five seconds to reach their destination.

[+] My town has a speed limit of 25 mph everywhere, including the main arteries. I’ve had people tailgate me in hopes that it will make me stop obeying the speed limit and speed up. Yeah… because there *TOTALLY* aren’t a number of cops enforcing it everywhere.

I’m seriously wondering if I should have just kept my California plates so that people would just avoid me and give me a wide berth!

{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXXIII)



Fresh Express Pear Gorgonzola salad kit. This has become my favorite salad. We’ve found it to be even better with fresh sliced pears, blueberries, and extra gorgonzola cheese.


My regular latté order. After a week and a half of having to avoid my beloved daily iced vanilla whole milk latté because of the milk content messing with my poor lungs and throat, I can handle it again! *angels sing from heaven*


The sound of rain beating against my window and the roof. It was a calming thing last night when I was trying to the kiddo back to sleep. I’m sure rain is boring to most lifelong Washingtonians but this native northern Californian loves it!


This idea for a “reverse Advent calendar”. Someone shared it on Facebook and I thought it was cool!

Reverse Advent Calendar


Homer. Someone is being a very needy grey kitty and is following me around the house.

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