I Can’t Resist Adding This!

GO BLUE!!!!!!

You know it’s the weekend of THE BIG GAME when…

-the only thing they talk about on the news is THE BIG GAME even though other important things happened that day.
-you hide the tassel from your diploma that has been hanging on your rearview mirror because you hippie college on the Left Coast has the same colors as Michigan and you’d prefer that your windshield not be smashed.
-your church choir’s anthem is based around the hymn “Come Christians Join to Sing” which has the same tune as the OSU fight song. (I’m wishing we could sing the Doxology to the tune of “Hail to the Victors”.)
-the basses in your choir explain to you that if Michigan wins, you will be tarred and feathered.
-there are more OSU flags up in town than American flags.
-the streets are bare at noon on a Saturday that is 5 weeks before Christmas.

Washington vs. OSU Game

Yeah… I succumbed to peer pressure and made a Sports category. I am such a lemming…

The UWOSU game is tonight. This will probably be the 4th football game I’ve watched since I came to Ohio (the Michigan game last year, the Fiesta Bowl, and the 2003 Super Bowl being the other three) and the only reason I’m watching it is to see if I’ll be allowed to come to church on Sunday. You see, my parents are UW alums and Jon told this to some members of our church choir on Wednesday, one of them being the owner of the house where we were having the Choir/Bells BBQ. J happens to be a little bit of a Buckeye fan — I mean, most people have the guest bath of their house set up with a mini-fridge and a microwave (so that they can store the beer down there so that they don’t have to come upstairs for it in the middle of a game) and a picture of the 2002 squad, right? (He even has a block O shower mat and an OSU shower curtain.) Well… J and C (one of the evil basses) explained that they will *tolerate* me as a UW fan — they’d tar and feather me if I happened to be a Michigan fan. Anyway, I was commenting on the fact that Saturday was the game and they commented back that I might want to become Episcopalian again on Sunday if OSU were to say… LOSE!!!!!

Just for my future reference (as in, I might need to know this tomorrow morning), how does one get tar out of long hair?

**UPDATE #1** OSU: 14 UW: 0
**UPDATE #2** OSU: 21 UW: 0
**UPDATE #3** OSU: 28 UW: 3
**UPDATE #4** OSU: 28 UW: 9 (FINAL)