The Simple Woman’s Daybook: June 26, 2016

For Today… June 26, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… dark. It was a beautiful and sunny day with temps in the 70’s.

I am thinking… about the re-assembly of some pieces of her bedroom furniture which will be taking place tomorrow with the help of her dad and a drill. *bites thumb at IKEA* Mom might want to hide the flame thrower for another few days…

I am thankful… for the soft grey beast at my feet. He’s not the brightest cat in the world but he is a love.

One of my favorite things… Tillamook ice cream. *drools*

I am wearing… jammies. Church clothes this morning were a black patterned top, my black slacks, and my very awesome Naturalizer flats. (These are seriously the best dress shoes I have ever owned.) After church, I went with my charcoal shirt from Old Navy and my black capris from Kohl’s. (Yes, I was wearing this last week. I have a tiny wardrobe, OK?)

I am creating… this blog entry. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am watching… Mythbusters. I heart science, engineering, and big explosions.

I am hoping… we can get my dresser and nightstand fixed tomorrow. Failing that, I’m hoping IKEA is willing to ship some new parts.

I am learning… that it’s a bit painful to pound a wire nail into one’s finger. (Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.)

In my kitchen… frozen dinners tonight. We’re still not in the groove in terms of cooking here.

In the school room… Daniel starts ESY next week. Yay!

Post Script… Here are some interesting conspiracy theories in which people believe. *goes off to make some tinfoil hats for people she knows that do actually believe that stuff*

A moment from my day… Daniel helping my mom with the yard.

Daniel helping with the yard.

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7 Quick Takes: Assembling Furniture and Other Events This Week

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Brexit. So the UK just voted to leave the European Union, Scotland voted to stay in, and Ireland is talking about unifying.

Yeah, I think the next Mad Max film will have something to do with the British Isles.

— 2 —

Furniture assembling. My IKEA furniture arrived on Tuesday so I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday assembling the furniture. I got 4 pieces of furniture assembled, managed to hammer a wire nail into one of my fingers, poked another finger with another nail, and hammered one of my thumbs. Given that my fingers are grumpy and stiff right now, my mom might want to hide the flamethrower for another few days until everything is assembled and my boxes are completely unpacked.

— 3 —

Prerequisite baseball take. The Giants are 6 games ahead of the Dodgers in the NL West standings. Just sayin’.

— 4 —

Required basketball take. I’m from the Bay Area so OBVIOUSLY I was watching the game on Sunday… and booing the Cavaliers like mad because LeBron James is seriously lame compared to Steph Curry and the Warriors still had a better regular season than the Cavs could ever hope to have. It was a close game to the last minute and I’m looking at seeing what the Warriors can do next year!

— 5 —

The Senate sit-in. Y’all, I’m proud of the Democratic Congresscritters for their sit-in (especially as it was for an actual issue instead of Ted Cruz’s filibuster which was purely for the sake of filibustering and not for any discernible reason) but seriously, singing “We Shall Overcome” was a bit too campy. Could you pick a more appropriate song?

— 6 —

Oooohhh… flannelgraph. The Babylon Bee story about Trump aides hurriedly teaching him Bible stories ahead of his meeting with evangelicals sounded a whole lot like the truth instead of satire. Again, just sayin’.

— 7 —

A big reason to move to Washington. It’s been chilly and rainy here for the last few days and every so often, I’ll look at my phone and thank my lucky stars that I’m not in northern California or southern California where it will be in the 90’s or in the 100’s in the next few days. I seriously prefer cold to excessive heat. I have found my tribe up here.

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{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXVI)



Jet City Pizza. Our new next door neighbor always brings pizza to his new neighbors and brought us a large Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and Canadian bacon) from this pizza place. It was A-FREAKIN-MAZING! The crust was insane and was like pizza done on a loaf of French bread. I’m having a really hard time deciding which pizza to try next.


Whidbey Coffee Company. I had another lattรฉ from Whidbey Coffee Company yesterday and it was fabulous. I’m all about supporting the local coffee companies. ๐Ÿ™‚


Tillamook ice cream. Did y’all know that the people responsible for the good cheese also make ice cream? Not surprisingly, it’s pretty awesome.


Thunderstorms. I’ve really missed living in a place with actual weather. Even better, it hasn’t gotten above 80F since we moved up here. I will totally take the migraine from the pressure changes any day over triple digit heat!


Grey cats. I have one exploring my room at the moment and probably inspecting the underside of the bed I put together tonight. Hopefully, he decides to come and be snuggly.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: Father’s Day 2016

For Today…

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… a nice sunny day with temperatures in the low 60’s. I’m loving the climate here in Washington.

I am thinking… about my to-do list this week and what needs to go in my brain planner.

I am thankful… for this quiet morning.

One of my favorite things… a decent vanilla lattรฉ. I got mine from Whidbey Coffee Company this morning.

I am wearing… a charcoal shirt from Old Navy and capris from Kohl’s.

I am creating… this blog entry. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am listening to… the Intermezzo channel on Dish Network. It’s peaceful chamber music.

I am hoping… we’ll have Internet this Tuesday!

I am learning… my way around Skagit County.

In my kitchen… dinner for 16 at my grandmother’s house tonight!

In the school room… met with the school district this week about Daniel. I expected 4-5 people. There were 12 (!!!!) comprising every type of support possible for him. I’m pretty excited for next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

Post Script… I thought this was kind of interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shared Quote… “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and go well with ketchup.”

A moment from my day… Today’s Psalm from church (Psalm 43).

Closing Notes: I’m going to be writing a post about various events in the media at some point in the next week. Stay tuned!

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7 Quick Takes: Getting Settled in Washington

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

*facepalm* Apparently, the phone line here got buried under the driveway when it was redone so Comcast wouldn’t be able to have Internet hooked up here for a MONTH. Dish Network can get it in next week so we’re now Dish Network customers. I’m OK with this — we had Dish Network in Montana and I’m a fan of theirs.

— 2 —

Unpacking. Daniel and I got up here on Friday, the movers came with furniture on Saturday, and we finally moved into the house yesterday when the beds were finally put together and able to be made. I’m currently sleeping in the guest room as we don’t have a bed (or really any furniture) for my room yet. I ordered what I needed on the IKEA website and it will be here next Tuesday… which is the same day as we get Internet installed here. (We’re making do with a mobile hotspot at the moment.) In the meantime, we’re unpacking every possible box and probably have more than my weight in cardboard and packing paper!

— 3 —

Daniel and school. I had the luck of finding all the necessary paperwork online for the school district here and filled it all out while I was still in San Jose. The good news: I’m apparently so detail-oriented that I filled out every possible piece of paperwork that was necessary with the exception of a records release that I had to pick up from Daniel’s home elementary school up here. (There were also 5 BIG emails of papers sent to Special Education for his IEP, evaluations, etc.) I have him signed up and set-up for ESY (extended school year — basically summer school) up here and that takes place in July. I had a meeting with Daniel’s team (12 people!!!!!) this morning and based on how thorough they were about getting every possible person to this meeting, I’m feeling pretty good about the next school year.

— 4 —

Guest cats. While we were trying to get unpacked and beds were being set up, we were staying at my grandmother’s house and my parents put their two cats in my grandmother’s room downstairs as it was the biggest room. (My grandmother is in an assisted living place here so she wasn’t displaced for this.) My grandmother’s cat Mandy would sit in front of the sliding glass door outside her room and watch my parents’ cats puff up and throw themselves at the window. It was like she was sitting there and watching the floor show while eating popcorn! When I’d let her into the house, I would pick her up and stroke her and tell her that she was evil. (She looks like a clone of my former cat Freya except with a bushier tail — same football shape and coloring. It’s fitting because Freya was (and still is) evil.)

— 5 —

Fitbit. I’m seriously loving my Fitbit Surge. It’s good to see some of the biological data that I keep getting asked to record but can’t for whatever reason. (How am I supposed to know how much sleep I’m getting if I don’t know exactly when I’m falling asleep!?!?!?) It’s kind of humbling to know that I’m getting so little sleep (though it explains a lot) and I’m kind of bummed that it isn’t picking up all my steps, especially when I’m in a challenge against other people based on step count.

On the other hand, it tracks how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed and that has been a lot in the last few days. Yesterday, it gave me the Redwood Badge for 25 flights of stairs! This is a new thing for me as I haven’t lived in a place with stairs in 6 years.

— 6 —

Thunderation! We had a pretty nice storm system blow through yesterday and I was dealing with thunder and lightning while trying to unload all my stuff at the new house. Another time, I was dealing with a pretty intense squall while driving. I haven’t had weather like that since some mountain thunderstorms hit last year in Claremont a couple of the times while I was driving home! The last time I had regular weather like that was Minnesota 11 years ago.

— 7 —

A Daniel story. I’ve been teaching him how to say “I am cute” and he finally said it a couple nights ago at dinner. Ironically, it was when he was *NOT* being cute but it definitely provided some levity.

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June Blogs: Beth Anne

Hello everyone! I am taking over Jen’s blog today. My name is Beth Anne and I blog at I blog about a lot of different things there mostly my life, my catholic faith, and anything else I find interesting. I am a Link-Up Junkie so you can find me linking up with the 7 Quick Takes series and the Not Alone Series a lot.

Off-line I live in St. Augustine, FL, I am a fellow Crazy Cat Lady and my spoiled cat Milo is proof of that, I love Disney and I am addicted to Bullet Journaling.

I met Jen through our blogs. When I started blogging I was joining the 7 Quick Takes Link-Up. We would “fight” over the #1 spot when the link-up went live. We would alternate for it and therefore, would read each other’s blogs and talk on social media.

My favorite summer memory is hard. I have had the opportunity to go to so many awesome places on my summer vacations. Even though I don’t remember a lot from this trip I think my favorite summer memory is when I was 6 we went to Disney World. My Grandma would argue with my Dad that we were going to have to wait hours to go on the Dumbo ride.

My Dad said no way! One day during our trip we got to the park when it opened for rope drop and when the park opened we RAN for Dumbo and we were the first ones on the ride for the day. I don’t think I ever saw my Dad run so fast but he was determined not to wait forever for that ride.

June Blogs: Laura

I was never one of those horse girls. You know the type. They’ve got shelves full of model horses. A pony they borrow or own at a local stable. Lessons they’ve had since the moment they learned to walk. They read Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, and the Thoroughbred series. They love all the horse movies, especially that one where the girl and the horse dive into a swimming pool (why???!).

I’m Laura. I blog over at I’m a Coptic Orthodox priest’s wife, and I’ve been blessed to meet Jen through the vast and insanely supportive network of clergy wives here on the interwebs. She wrote me some awesome guest posts, namely here and here.

As I was saying, I was never one of those horse girls, but one summer in my late teens, my sisters and I had the opportunity to have weekly riding lessons at a nearby farm. I can’t forget the smell the first day. I thought I would never get over it. I thought I would never wash it out of my hair.

Now don’t get me wrong. I was never one of those girly girls with the makeup and the hair and the things. But I certainly wasn’t a tomboy. That first day of riding hard in the heat and humidity of a mid-June day, I felt very unlady-like soaked as I was head to toe in sweat. Did princesses really do this?

And my job after riding for an hour in this heat? Clean the horse from head to toe. This was too much. You want me to pick up what? and pull what from where?

If you’re one of those horse girls, it won’t shock you to learn that after three weeks of this–of being drenched in sweat every Wednesday and dislodging rocks from horseshoes–I was completely transformed.

Never had I thrown myself so wholeheartedly into something (besides a book). Never had I dared to be present in my body and use it to its full capacity in such a way. The routine became essential to my life. Wake up, saddle up, ride hard, brush my horse, head home to shower and nap.

You couldn’t be disappointed on horseback. You couldn’t have your heart broken. You weren’t graded on anything but your improvement from the week before.

It was only one summer. The summer of the horse. The stable sold the horses and shut down, and I was off at college anyway, photographing models on the backs of polo horses (but that’s another story).

But summer for me will always be that breath you take when you’re coming around the second turn, breaking into a canter, and aiming for the fence.