A Pep Talk for the Majority of America Who *DIDN’T* Vote for Donald Trump

If you voted for #ClasslessBuffoon (and I really don’t give a shit why you made that reprehensible choice — it was WRONG and you knew it when you cast that ballot), go read something else today because this post isn’t for you. (If you’re the Catholic blogger from Akron, Ohio who routinely visits this site against my wishes and trolls me, go away or I’ll email your priest and tell him about your cyberbullying habit.)

Everyone else who *DIDN’T* vote to screw up this country, click on the “Continue reading…” link.

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7 Quick Takes: AMERICA, YOU HAD ONLY ONE JOB!!!!! Edition

7 Quick Takes

I wrote these on Tuesday night after the presidential election was called for Trump so forgive some of the cattiness and be thankful that I’m getting it out of my system. 😉

— 1 —

Political Take #1. Am I irritated that Hillary didn’t win? Yes. Did I lose sleep over it? No. I’m an insomniac — I never sleep!

Am I surprised that Trump won? No. I have never doubted the propensity of the American people to vote against their own best interests. Example: a number of people in Kentucky rely on government aid and yet they continually vote politicians into office who cut that aid.

Is my life over? No. The sun still rose on Wednesday morning and was not blocked by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse so I’m counting that as a win.

— 2 —

Political Take #2. Interestingly enough, the date on this post is November 8, 2012… and the 2016 election was on November 8, 2016. #spookycoincidence

And yes, I’ll be taking my own advice from that particular post.

— 3 —

Political Take #3. As I will *READILY* admit that I am a snarky wench who can be petty and partisan to the nth degree when it suits my purposes, I’ve decided that I need a title for Trump once he takes office. My friend Katja suggested the “Idiot-in-Chief”. What do y’all think? Leave any suggestions in the comments if you have them.

— 4 —

Political Take #4. Having said all of that (including getting the partisanship and snarkiness out of my system), we all need to work on healing from the seeds of discord that have been sown in this election. Only when we can heal and work for the common good (and not just for those things that benefit us or for our own pet issues) can we make America (which was *ALREADY* great) a greater country. We are truly *STRONGER TOGETHER*.

— 5 —

Political Take #5. The one good thing coming out of Trump’s win is that Alec Baldwin now has job security on SNL for the next four years.

— 6 —

On to other topics! *in my usual valley girl accent* Like OHMIGOSH!!!! I’m creating queries in my Access class and they are SOOOO COOL! *proceeds to geek out about the various types of queries she can write and information she can sort with them*

— 7 —

OK… one last political take! I saw this in my Facebook memories a couple days ago and it resonated with me.

Finally done!

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{five favourites}: Favorite 2016 Election Winners


I needed to do something while waiting for the presidential race to be called (so much for the media fast!) so I put this together.


Kamala Harris. She’ll be the new senator from California. She’s the current state attorney general and the person I would have voted for if I was still living in California.


Patty Murray. She’s the incumbent senator running from Washington and I’m not surprised that she was re-elected. She’s known for reaching across the aisle to get stuff done and I had to double-check a couple days ago that she wasn’t running unopposed because I hadn’t heard anything about her opponent or even their existence. (I think the Washington GOP gave up on him when she came out so far ahead in the primary in August.)


Suzan DelBene. She’s my Congresscritter and her office has actually called me personally to let me know that she has voted the way I’ve asked her to vote on disability issues instead of just sending a stupid form letter. This is pretty rare for a House member and hers was only campaign I supported financially (other than maybe a couple bucks thrown at Hillary) this year because of her personal contact. She won by quite a decent margin so I’m thinking this is how she treats all of her constituents. 🙂


Tammy Duckworth. I love her for a number of reasons. The first one: she kicked a Republican out of the Senate in this year’s election. The second reason: she kicked the moronic Joe “You Lie” Walsh out of the House.

The biggest reason: she has pwned contractors exploiting their “disability” ratings to do business:

You don’t tell someone who lost their legs in combat and had her right arm blown off that your twisted ankle gives you a higher disability rating than hers!


Paul Penzone. He knocked out Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is a Trump-surrogate, pro-birther, a human rights abuser, anti-immigration, and who has made a mockery of the office for 20+ years. Arpaio is also facing criminal charges for contempt of court and could be serving some jail time. Friends of mine in Arizona are positively giddy.

Go love up Bonnie, DeBalino, and the others.

Taking Some Quiet Time

After witnessing a Facebook discussion yesterday about Obama’s response to the pro-Trump protestor at a Hillary rally and feeling serious anger at the Trump supporters claiming that Obama had screamed at the protestor (footage is here so you can judge for yourself), I realized that I needed to back away from social media and pretty much all media in general until Wednesday morning.

My friend Rebecca and the editorial team at The Catholic Conspiracy are having a day of prayer and penance for this election and I’m feeling called to join them and to extend mine another day.

I’d urge you all who pray to please pray for the state of our nation and that God’s will be done in the results of all the elections both federally, state, and locally. We as a country are going to need a lot of healing after the amount of hatred and nastiness spread in the last two years since the first person announced their candidacy for president.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: November 6, 2016

For Today… November 6, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny and quite nice. Weather.Com is saying temps are around 51F but it feels warmer than that. There’s definitely rain offshore and we were supposed to get hammered on Election Day, but it’s starting to look like the rain is holding off until Wednesday.

I am thinking… about my Accounting test tomorrow and what subjects I need to brush up on tonight after dinner.

I am thankful… for whoever found my pocketbook and turned it in at Haggen on Friday. It’s good to know that there are honest people out there.

One of my favorite things… the view of evergreen forests from my bedroom window.

I am wearing… a v-neck shirt and jeans. Church clothes were a dress, camisole, cardigan, tights, and my black flats.

I am creating… Access queries. Fun.

I am reading… Trump fans’ erroneous thoughts on President Obama defending an pro-Trump protestor at a rally. Whether or not you like him or agree with him, you have to acknowledge that Obama is a class act and so incredibly different from the degenerate nominated by the Republicans to replace him. He told the crowd that they needed to respect the protestor because he was veteran, elderly, and we live in a country where we value free speech.

I am hoping… Hillary wins on Tuesday. I’m not a fan of hers but the alternative of Trump as president makes me nauseated.

I am learning… how to perform queries in Microsoft Access.

In my kitchen… Dad is making something for Sunday dinner.

In the school room… Daniel is saying more and more words. It’s like someone turned on a faucet in the speech section of his brain.

Post Script… The Cubs set a record for the 7th largest gathering in human history. (My friend’s son described it as “the zombie apocalypse with Cubs fans”.) Beat that, Cleveland!

Shared Quote… “The American ideal is not that we all agree with each other, or even like each other, every minute of the day. It is rather that we will respect each other’s rights, especially the right to be different, and that, at the end of the day, we will understand that we are one people, one country, and one community and that our well-being is inextricably bound up with the well-being of each and every one of our fellow citizens.” – Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D.

A moment from my day… This fits my twisted sense of humor.

This fits my twisted sense of humor.

Closing Notes: An ear worm for you!

Hosted by The Simple Woman.

7 Quick Takes: More Asthma Exacerbation Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Sigh… Trick-or-treating on my cul-de-sac almost killed me because of asthma exacerbation (thank God Daniel only wanted to do five houses!) and I had to stay home from class on Tuesday to rest my lungs. I hate missing class but I also didn’t want to be puking from the asthma attack I would get from walking to the classroom from my car. Thankfully, it wasn’t a quiz day so I didn’t lose points for being absent.

— 2 —

World Series. My back-up boys have prevailed and Cleveland is back to stinking at sports! My only regret is that the Cubs didn’t sweep them; but at least they triumphed in Game 7 while playing *IN* Cleveland. (For those who are wondering, I hate all Cleveland sports teams and root against them at every turn. Thank various seminary classmates and obnoxious bloggers for this one.) Here’s hoping this is the beginning of some baseball dominance for the Cubs! They definitely deserve it. I’m so excited for my Illinois friends who are headed to a victory parade that has been a long time in coming. 🙂

And seriously, the rain delay was a joke. These men are being paid millions of dollars — if volunteer softball teams can play in the rain and football teams can play in -20F weather with blowing snow, baseball players can man up and play in the rain! I mean, are they going to melt?

— 3 —

The Write 31 Days challenge. I have prevailed over the Write 31 Days challenge! I need to do one more post aggregating all of the resources I linked but I’m glad I managed to write every day in October, even when I really didn’t want to write or when I was bogged down with homework.

— 4 —

Daniel and ENT fun. The munchkin had an early ENT appointment on Wednesday and was pretty good until we had to restrain him so that the doctor could examine his ears under the microscope. (To be fair, I’d hate to be restrained and have someone poking things into various orifices so I don’t really blame him.) He’s got serious ear wax preventing them from being able to do a decent exam and they couldn’t get it out so they’re going to have to sedate him to clean it out. This should be… interesting.

— 5 —

Election blah. I am so sick of the election that I’m pausing and then fast-forwarding through anything election-related on TV. I voted almost three weeks ago because everyone registered in Washington gets their ballot in the mail and they can choose to mail it back or drop it off in person. Seriously, there should be some chip in the ballot that automatically gets rid of political ads and all political content from TV once a person votes because this is too much.

— 6 —

Interesting… A small town in Macedonia has become a hub for pro-Trump websites. It’s a bit disturbing that Macedonian people are profiting off our electoral dysfunction.

— 7 —

*facepalm* I heard from one of my favorite $tarbux baristas that she had people whining about not having eggnog lattés on Halloween and that there’s some controversy about the green pre-holidays cup. Seriously?!?!?!?!? Eggnog lattés are foul-tasting and it’s not like it’s even Advent yet, let alone Christmas.

Some people seriously destroy my faith in humanity and I’m not even talking about Trump supporters with this one!

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