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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: February 3, 2019

For Today… February 3, 2019 Looking out my window… It’s in the low to mid 30’s F, and we are getting our first snowfall of the year. Woo. I am thinking… about my design homework for my Publisher class. I am thankful… that Target had stuff to melt the driveway. I hate my local Target …
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7 Quick Takes: CPAP FAQ, Ranting at the School Nurse, and Other Merriment

— 1 — Ranting at the school nurse. Lest this be added to the “reasons not to homeschool send your kids to public school EVER” list by my current troll reader, I enjoy a really good relationship with Daniel’s school overall, and this problem wouldn’t exist if the school district hadn’t cut the funding for …
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7 Quick Takes: CPAP Arrival Edition

— 1 — Srsly? Nick Sandmann, the junior closest to Omaha Elder Nathan Phillips claims he was standing still to diffuse tension and smiling to show that he would not be moved. Uh, no. Dude, you may have your parents and your fellow MAGA twits fooled, but most of us are aware that doing the …
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Make America Kind Again

This year, the March for Life and the Women’s March were on back-to-back days. Because I don’t believe in living in a little bubble of people who agree with me, I have friends who aren’t supporters of the Women’s March and friends who don’t necessarily agree with the March for Life. That’s cool. They’re all …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: January 15, 2019

For Today… January 15, 2019 Looking out my window… dark. It was not bad today — not warm but sunny. I am thinking… about the design project for my Publisher class on which I am procrastinating by creating this blog post. I am thankful… for a good start to tutoring this quarter. One of my …
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7 Quick Takes: Dr. Sears Is A Moron Edition

— 1 — Schadenfreude. I was incredibly happy to see that the State of California temporarily revoked the medical license of Dr. Bob Sears, the idiotic southern California pediatrician whose vaccine book has been denounced by every pediatrician I know (and I hang with some of the best in the nation). Play stupid games, win …
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