The Simple Woman’s Daybook: August 14, 2018

For Today… August 14, 2018 Looking out my window… dark. It’s late and I’m fighting insomnia. I am thinking… about Daniel’s g-tube, the situation going on with my church, and the fact that I’m hungry. I am thankful… for so many things: Daniel’s g-tube surgery going well The amount of support I got at Seattle …
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7 Quick Takes: Cat on a Window Screen Edition

— 1 — Let the blogger cage fight begin! Bonnie is doing the Sheenazing Awards again this year after a hiatus of several years and is taking nominations until July 21st. — 2 — Sigh… I learned a new thing last night: my window screen cannot sustain the weight of a 4 lb kitten. *glares …
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7 Quick Takes: 38th Birthday Edition

I’m up to my hairline in homework and my kid is having a meltdown, so of course I’m blogging. 🙂 My birthday is this Saturday, so here are 7 random facts about me. — 1 — I don’t like lettuce. I’ll eat salads if the dressing can mask the flavor of the greens, but I …
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: March 25, 2018

For Today… March 25, 2018 Looking out my window… dark. We had sun for most of the day and then some showers in the evening. I am thinking… about a baby shower I’m planning. I am thankful… for my church. They were really patient when I had Daniel with me last Sunday… and he started …
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7 Quick Takes: I Can’t Even Edition

— 1 — Culture of death. All of you morons who voted for Trump because he was “pro-life”: Try to defend this. I effing dare you. (Just for the record, THAT IS NOT PRO-LIFE BEHAVIOR, YOU WEAPONS-GRADE PLUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) — 2 — An annotated version. The Southern Poverty Law Center annotated the White House’s statement on …
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The Simple Woman’ Daybook: January 1, 2018

For Today… January 1, 2018 Looking out my window… sunny and cold with temps in the 30’s. I am thinking… about the parish Lenten Devotional which I offered to coordinate. I am thankful… for my church being such a welcoming place to Daniel. Advent IV was hard but they were fine with him there. When …
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