Vacation Bible School

In the midst of everything that’s been going on this week, Jon and I have been teaching Vacation Bible School at Jon’s internship parish. The theme is “Zoom Zone” and is a time travel adventure back to Bible days. I’m doing the “Praystation” and Jon is doing “ZoomTunes” (i.e. I’m teaching kids how to pray and Jon is doing music) and it’s been a good distraction from everything else in our lives. I can go and be silly and do songs and also teach kids about the importance of prayer. If I could only memorize the ones they give me to do…

Things I’ve learned:
-Fruit Loops stick to your ears if you lick them.
-Going all the way down to your knees during the Chicken Dance will alert you to muscles in your legs that you didn’t know you had.
-JESUS!!! is the answer to everything.
-Gummy LifeSavers make good rings.
-There are lots of ways that we can serve God with our hands.
-Jesus loves the little children and will tell the adults to be quiet so that the kiddies can be blessed.
-Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
-It *IS* possible to stump the pastor.
-Pastors are fun to watch when they get silly with the kids.

HP 5

I’m 1/3 of the way through and nobody is dead yet.

After I finish, I might tackle this.

**Update** Just finished the book. It was a fairly fast read though the plot drags if you know that someone major is gonna die. I’m not going to be mean and reveal who it is. That would just be seriously wrong.

Friday Five

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?
It’s pretty much straight but starting to get wavier. It’s about a few inches past my shoulders and I’m trying to grow it longer.

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?
I was a towhead when I was younger and my hair has darkened to a light brown. I’ve hennaed it a few times so I also have some reddish highlights mixed in.

3. How do your normally wear your hair?
Pulled back up off my face, either in a bun or French-braid (“freedom-braid” is just lame) or a ponytail.

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?
Longer and hennaed

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?
My perm in 7th grade made my hair look like it should be on a poodle. I got called “poodle locks” for weeks by some morons in my gym class.

**UPDATE** My Internet started working again on Friday night.

The Last Few Days

The last few days have been packed. I attended the first funeral on Wednesday (of the three active members of our church who died this past weekend) and it was very uplifting. Mary (the deceased) was an amazing woman and the readings were very powerful as were the chosen hymns. Afterwards, I and others stayed to transform the fellowship hall from church to dining room for Mary’s funeral luncheon.

Just before the second funeral, Jon told me that he and Bill had to head to Columbus to be with the family of a member of the church (D) who was having major heart surgery yesterday. His surgery was scheduled for 2:30 pm and he had a serious heart attack around 12:20. Thankfully, his son and wife were in the room and they got a code called in within 15 seconds. His brain was unfortunately without oxygen for a period of time, so his survival rate was put at 20%. After conducting two funerals, Bill and Jon were exhausted and Jon volunteered me to drive.

When we got into the hospital, D was still in surgery. We sat with his wife and his son until the surgeon called us in for a conference. I wasn’t expecting to be allowed in but they asked me to stay. (Usually on hospital visits, I bring a book or some crocheting and fold myself into a chair in the lobby for however long the visit takes.) D survived the surgery — praise God! The surgeon was really awesome and explained the situation, finishing with a request for Bill to pray for all of them — a very good thing in this situation. We sat with the family and comforted them until D was moved into ICU. Again, I was allowed to go into ICU but I did so only to find out where D was so I could direct Bill there later. Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at the Wendy’s in the hospital basement and headed back home so Jon and I could do visiting hours for the person to be buried today.

The funeral today went well — at least that’s what I heard. My job was getting the drinks and stuff ready and making sure our WELCA president sat down on occasion. 🙂 I also baby-sat the kitchen with our Church Council president while the ladies were at the funeral and John (CC pres) and I did some more prep work. The luncheon went well — WAY too much food but I limited myself to only what I was hungry for at the time.

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Quiet Blog

My blog may be really quiet for the next few days because I’m helping with the cooking and set-up for the funerals tomorrow and Thursday. As we’re worshipping in our fellowship hall while they replace the heating/air-conditioning system in the sanctuary, I’ll be putting away chairs and setting up tables while they’re doing the burial after the first funeral (which is the only one I wanted to attend) and then I’ll be helping with the cooking for the second funeral. On Thursday, I’ll be cooking all morning for the funeral and basically watching the kitchen because most of the ladies cooking will want to attend the funeral service (for someone who I pretty much knew just by name).

It’s going to be a crazy few days but I’m glad I volunteered to help out. Two of the three were active and faithfully attending until fairly recently and a lot of people are really in pain over the deaths. It’s one of the few times that I’m thankful that I’m only here temporarily — I have less attachment to the people than I would have if I’d attended here for years. Besides… many of the WELCA ladies are old enough to be my grandmothers and they all feel horrible about me being 2500 miles from my family members, so I get spoiled rotten by them as they try to compensate. 🙂

Another Round of Random Bursts of Thought

There has been so much in the last few days that has needed to be in my blog subjects that I think I’ll start another round of this.

  • Signatures flowing in to recall Davis. This really scares me because they’re doing well. Thing is… Davis was *NOT* a bad governor. Wilson was ten times worse. Davis hasn’t done much for education other than oppose vouchers (which would literally drain the school system of needed funds) but Wilson turned down $40 million with NO STRINGS ATTACHED from the feds for education. Davis is getting blamed for the power shortages but they were due to the deregulation of electricity passed in 1996 under a Republican governor and were supported by the voters of the state. This led the way for no regulation of Enron (and we all know how credible they are) to jack up the price of electricity during the power shortages. In other words, the citizens of California voted for this, having been warned by multiple TV ads (which I remember) about what deregulation would mean. (And yes, Crystal, I know that people hate him for more than that.) He also won the governor’s race against Bill Simon fair and square (which is more than I can say for *some* politicians). Would Simon, who even alienated himself from his own party, be a better governor? I seriously think not! Y’all elected Davis — you’re stuck with him for the next few years. So… tell Darrell Issa (the impetus for this recall who LOST the Senate campaign in 1998 and is bitter about it) and his fascist thugs to kiss off! *sighs* If only we could recall presidents…
  • We have a few laundry baskets in our bedroom and Finian has claimed the big white one. Yesterday morning, he came and mewed at me. I followed him and he stopped at the laundry basket and mewed very loudly… because his brother was curled up in it. It was a “MOMMY!!!! Cullen stole my laundry basket!!!!” kind of mew. I had to explain to Finian that he needs to share and give Cullen a turn. I’m not sure if he understood the concept of sharing because he is a cat, but Cullen soon jumped out and Finian claimed his rightful throne.
  • Jon and I attended the installation of one of the local pastors of the Other True Church (the one that doesn’t ordain women) on Sunday afternoon. We were treated very well and were able to rub elbows with some clergy we know from Columbus. (Jon attended the church for a few months and one of the pastors is the father of my worship team leader at my home church in Bexley.) Doug was happy to have us there and asked if we could do lunch on Tuesday. We spent two hours talking about seminary stuff, the colloquy process in the Other True Church, politics in the
  • One True Church, theology, our churches… We had a great time and if we can squeeze it in, we want to do lunch next month as well. As someone on my blogroll IRREVERENTLY (!!!) put it, “it was nice of him to hang out with [us] flaming liberals.” To this person, I’d say, “yeah… but we’re right-wing flaming liberals.” 😛

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    Questions Answered

    In this entry, I offered to answer any questions (within reason) that were put to me. So…

    Jake asked me TWO questions. 🙂

    1) What is the best piece of advice you have ever recieved?
    This is a hard one because I’ve received lots of really good advice. The top five pieces have been:
    -pick your battles
    -love yourself for who you are and not what people want you to be
    -when dealing with difficult people, remember that they are God’s children too
    -diplomacy is saying “nice doggy” until you find a rock
    -live your life in a way that will leave you with no regrets at the end

    2) Where is the one place you have always wanted to go but you have never been?
    Probably the continent of Europe. I’ve been to Ireland (both the Republic and the North) and I spent 24 hours in London; but I’ve never been to France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Italy, Portugal, or Greece. Next on my list are the Holy Land and Scotland, Wales, and England outside of London.

    Krissy was next.

    When did you know Jon was the one for you?
    There were two points when I kind of realized that this was gonna last. The first one was January 2000 when we were on the phone one night discussing our ideal weddings and I realized that it was “when we get married” instead of “when I get married” coming out of our mouths. The second one was when I was visiting Jon at the seminary in March 2000 and one of the students told me that they would put money on us being married within at least five years. We were married almost exactly two years later.

    Crystal had two questions too…

    1.) If you could live *anywhere*, where would it be?
    At this point, the Pacific Northwest near the coast (or at least a substantial body of water). I’d love Washington or British Columbia (probably pushing more for beautiful BC because it’s *CANADA* and the people there are so wonderful) but if I couldn’t be in the Pacific Northwest, I’d probably go for the coastal areas of Maine or Massachusetts. Ireland is kind of a dream but probably not going to happen.

    2.) How’s the marriage going?
    The marriage is going well. We’ve learned each other’s breaking points and pet peeves and we try to avoid pressing those buttons. The adoption of the kitties was a plus because they give us something to love together. We’ve made it a year and three months at this point and we’re thinking this should last for a while longer. 🙂

    If you have more questions, leave them in the comments of this entry.