Naps and Free Meals

After I got offline earlier, I curled up with Jon and took a nap. He woke me up at 5:30 so I could get ready for the dinner tonight. He declined to attend because he wasn’t feeling good. My nap however was fabulous and I would have continued it if I hadn’t had to be the AV diva tonight.

Dinner was pasta, baked potatoes, bread (lots of carbs), some really icky green beans, salad, and cookies. It was the Board of Directors dinner but I mainly socialized with Nik, Whitney, Chris, and Jennifer. We had a lovely time talking and then we heard from Dr. Childs who is heading up the ELCA Sexuality Study. It was interesting and not a load of propaganda like I expected it to be.

OK… tallies as of 9:45 pm EST are….
A: 2
B: 1
C: 10

Thank you all who are sending me commentary. It’s a good thing to receive and it shows me who I’m addressing when I become a pastor one of these days. 🙂

Choral Evensong

Well… Choral Evensong is over now. I would have stayed at the after-party longer but Debi and Marrianne were headed home and I wasn’t interested in walking home alone.

The service (which was more of a concert) went well other than our Dean of the Chapel basically refusing to cantor part of it (or at least lead a section) so Debi had to take over for him. (I have issues with him but that will be in another entry.) It was Holden Evening Prayer and since I cantor that every week with Debi (who is ten times better than I will ever be), it was easy music. The rest was all anthems and fun stuff. We did Rutter’s “Te Deum” which was great and we had full brass percussion and organ for that. It was a worshipful experience since I really wasn’t thinking about notes or dynamics too frequently tonight. Singing Holden with 200 people does that to you.|*||*|The after-party at Nancy’s house was really fun. She has 5 kitties and this was a Very Good Thing. (I have cat karma and some of my college friends would argue that I am a cat. 🙂 I was a happy Jen.) The food was basically hors d’oeuvres but it was fun conversation. =^..^= I ate with Carla and her husband and we talked about earthquakes and rattlesnakes and my addiction to JigZone.Com. (I am *NOT* addicted. I play it when I’m bored at work which happens frequently because my shift is usually after my Worship class and I’m usually too burned out to think about anything else.)

I know there are some problems with my layout but those aren’t getting fixed until tomorrow (well…since it’s after midnight, later today), so please be patient. If you can point out what is messing up in my code, I will be eternally grateful to you.


Meditatio is up!

OK… still making some changes to the journal layout. If anyone wants to volunteer to make me a new graphic, I’m taking submissions. Otherwise, I’ll play on MS Paint this weekend and do it. (Yes… I’m lame — I have no Adobe Photoshop or anything like that, but I still get stuff done.) Also… if you know the code for making the date appear on Greymatter, please email me. I will be a happy Jen when I can get that coded correctly.

Chapel went well this morning other than someone giving me a bad prayer request. One of Jon’s classmates is in the hospital with stomach pain and when our campus pastor called, they said that she was in the labor room. Well… she’s pregnant but not having the kid. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! She’s doing fine and home now. I think she has three or four weeks left until she’s due to give birth (God willing on June 10th because that’s where my bet is). Pastor Ruth preached well this morning and I got a lot out of her message. It was Corporate Confession and Forgiveness and it was a good service.

Currently, I’m sitting at the Circ desk in the library attempting to program in CSS and failing miserably. Props to Brianna for not yelling at me as I’ve been using her journal as my template and changing things around to fit my needs, basically as a way of learning to do this. If any of you know any good tutorials, please let me know.

depression attack!

i am incredibly depressed today as well as sick. i didn’t sleep well last night because i was coughing and a whole lot of stress hit me today. if you pray, please pray for me.


oh boy… where do i start in describing my winter break?

i worked at barnes and noble for two weeks which was fun though really tiring. retail at christmas is just nightmarish because you deal with so many people and so much merchandise. i ended up getting really sick twice — the second day i was back (which i am not going to talk about since it was both mortifying for me as well as disgusting) and the last day when i was having severe asthma problems. they diagnosed me with pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs).

i went to montana with ma famille and ma fiancée (yes… i know my french is atrocious) and that was wonderful. i got to see my extended family again and i got to play with my little cousins.
then, i left for urbana. urbana was so intense and amazing that it requires a page of its own. i’ll post it when i get a chance. i came back with bronchitis (which was mild considering that others came back with bad fevers and stuff).

i’m back at school now and doing classes again.

energy zap

my energy level is down so low that all i did was rest and sleep today. i really need to go back into the health center and find out what’s going on. this isn’t normal. it’s bad enough that my asthma is bad enough to have to have nebulizer treamtent…

i’m wondering if i shouldn’t just transfer to cap and withdraw from ucsc. i feel like my heart is elsewhere right now and since they kicked everyone off campus, it’s been hard to adjust…

art history midterm

jen no want to take her art history midterm. jen no want to take her art history midterm. well… at least i’ll be somewhat familiar with the material since i’ve reviewed the slides. *sighs* midterms are nasty.

my book arrived at 10:38 in santa cruz. i am a happy jen. i can actually start my paper. got through the midterm. now to do my paper and read njal’s saga.

in the meantime, cebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!