Trying to Find Something To Write About…

My lack of updates stems mostly from the fact that there is a whole lot of stuff in my life that I can’t write about because a.) Jon is in the call process and I can’t reveal where we’re interviewing or have interviewed; b.) I keep church drama off of public entries; c.) I’m dead exhausted all the time; and d.) I don’t have anything to say much of the time about my life because it’s pretty much work/Daniel/church drama at the moment.

Here are a couple tidbits that I can mention:

[+] I had so much fun with NaNo this year that I’m going to be writing some murder mysteries based in a small town in Minnesota. Yes, I know Minnesota lost in the poll but I can actually *create* the characters and settings there. I’ve been gone from Ohio too long to set it there and Montana is kind of painful to write about at the moment. I scoured a map of Norway and found a small town called Lesja which will be the name of the town in Minnesota. One of the hard things about creating one there: just about every name that is conceivable has been taken. The main character will be a pastor’s wife who solves mysteries.

[+] We had about a week and a half of -20F and then it got fairly warm again (for Montana) and now we seem to be dropping again. I just checked Weather.Com (which has an interesting headline: “Historic Storm Makes History” — paging the redundancy department!) and it’s actually not supposed to get below 10F.

[+] I’m headed out to Seattle with Daniel on Christmas Eve. We’re meeting my parents at Sea-Tac and then heading north to my grandma’s house. She’s doing well but she’s 89 and I want him to get to meet her. It’s also a chance to show him off to others in the family.

Life Besides NaNo

As you can see from my sticky post, I’m definitely making progress on NaNo this month. I’m not bounding ahead like I did when I tried it in 2006 but I also haven’t put in any long prayers or hymns… at least not yet.

The little bear is teething and teething hard at that. His canine teeth are coming in which makes it not too much fun for us or him. He also contracted a bug (probably from some moron touching his face before I could slap their hand away) which triggered asthma and bronchial crud. He landed in the ER last Sunday and we’ve been having to give him breathing treatments. He’s doing fine and doesn’t mind his “hookah time” at all.

Other than that, it’s been sleep/work/play with Daniel/sleep lately and squeezing in some NaNo writing time.

Being Killed Off in My NaNoWriMo Piece

Recap: I apparently don’t have enough to do in my life so I’m doing NaNo this year.

When I did this 3 years ago, I offered to kill people off creatively.Â? I did this by creating a fictitious website called DaHorror.Com and had it be something like News of the Weird.Â? This year, I’m making a similar offer but with a twist.

The offer: For a donation to your local food bank/pantry (money or food — I don’t really care which), I will creatively kill you off in my NaNo piece.

The Rules
1.) You need to email me after you make your donation and specify which food bank/pantry got the goods.Â? If you donate food, please make it something that people actually eat as these organizations provide groceries for families.Â? I know people will eat creamed corn if desperate but if mac n’ cheese is on sale for 10/$10, please donate that instead.Â? You also don’t need to tell me how much got donated — this is on the honor system.

2.) Be creative but also be somewhat reasonable.Â? I’m open to stuff like that which could happen in the Lemony Snicket books but not really the slasher horror film genre, if you get my drift.Â? Also, no cannibalism, no being roasted over a spit, or anything like that.Â? (Ahem… PISCO!!!!)

3.) I have final veto power over how you’re killed off.

4.) If you’re someone who I interact with in person on a daily basis (i.e. co-worker/parishioner/community member), you don’t get to read the final product.

Let the killing spree begin!

I Am Truly A Geek

I didn’t have anything together for a costume this year so I just donned my black cat ears and tail from last year.Â? On my way to work, I realized that I needed something else so that I didn’t look like I did a halfway job.Â? Then… it hit me!Â? I needed a mouse!

When I got to work, I “borrowed” a mouse from a co-worker’s computer, duct-taped the cord into a manageable loop and dangled it from my pocket.Â? All day, I’d hold it up when someone walked by and say, “Look!Â? I caught a mouse!”

Yes… I am a geek.

Life With Horrendous Pain

So we’re getting this stuff in Big Sky Country called r-a-i-n and it’s coming in the form of multiple fast-moving thunderstorms — the kind that are triggered by rapid pressure changes. This means… the lovely wonderful rain that we’re getting is triggering really bad migraines for me which are hitting me in the face and head. The Imitrex and Trimitex (Imitrex with Aleve) will moderate out the migraine so that I don’t have the nausea and dizziness but I still have some pretty acute pain. Add in the lovely jaw pain from the TMJ which is probably also triggered by the weather and you have a pretty potent combination of pain.

Yesterday, I managed to spell the pain a bit. Today was to the point where I was either going to take the pain or I was going to start screaming because it was so awful and that was 7 hours of my 8 hour shift. The last 45 minutes of my shift were spent with me in tears repeating Philippians 4:13 to myself to get myself through. I was crabby and I seriously had to remove myself from my work area a few times to avoid screaming at co-workers.

So why don’t I just go home? Because it’s not like that’s going to do anything for me either. THERE. IS. NOTHING. I. CAN. DO. FOR. THE. PAIN. Seriously. I accidentally took twice the safe dose of Aleve today between the two tablets I took at 10 am for my jaw and the Trimitex I took around 1 for a migraine that came on. I can’t do anything at home that I can’t do at work and at least at work, I get paid to be there.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 8 am (!!!!). Please pray that they can do something for me to at least kill the jaw pain so I only have one part of my head exploding instead of two.

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Blogathon Alphabytes

Hey y’all!

I’m getting my Blogathon site ready (I’m working with International Justice Mission this year) and I’m doing “alphabytes” again though not really tied to any topic.Â? I need y’all’s help in coming up with entry topics starting with the following letters:


I also need questions to answer in my Q post so if you have any questions you’ve been dying to ask me, let me know so I can answer them that day.