An Idea for Solving World Hunger

This is the time of year when one locks their car doors at church because if you don’t…

you end up with tons of zucchini, corn, potatoes, peas, squash, pumpkins…

I have this idea for solving world hunger: send all the surplus zucchini to the starving people. This would work because zucchini is pretty hard to mess up and it grows just *so* well.

(Of course I didn’t just process two zucchini that were larger than my arms and one the size of a small pumpkin that well-meaning parishioners gave Jon. Nooooo… And of course I don’t have 3 gallons of grated zukes in the fridge waiting for me to bake them into a zucchini chocolate cake for Sir Sours. Of course not!)

Blogathon 2006

OK… the plan to blog for NPF fell through (though I did send them a donation as a conciliatory gesture) so the plan now is to blog for Lutheran World Relief if I get their blessing. My schtick will be Lutheran Alphabytes so I’m starting to collect Lutheran topic ideas that start with each letter of the alphabet. (If you have any, by all means leave them in the comments.)

Sign-ups start on July 1st and I’ll let y’all know when I can start accepting pledges.

Now to be a good Jen and get the translations done for them…

Oh yeah… my list so far is under the cut.

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The Dreary Life I Lead

We ended up not going to Great Falls yesterday, so I got to sleep in and chill and crochet.Â? I’m currently making 7-inch squares with my scrap yarn for afghans for Afghans since I don’t have any major crocheting projects or presents coming up.Â? (Well… I ordered yarn for a baby blanket but it hasn’t arrived yet.) Making the squares has been nice — it’s one of those things I can just sit and do sort of mindlessly and I end up feeling like I’ve made progress as I get 2-4 a day done.Â? Today, I’ve had a little monster curled up next to me pretending to be a sweet cat.Â? She took a nap with me this afternoon (I’ve been exposed to influenza, so I’m kind of letting my body dictate what it wants to do until I can get tested on Friday), she snuggled with Jon, and she sat and was my stressball when I was crocheting earlier.Â? Yesterday, she was burrowing under the comforter on the couch and making little caves.Â? Silly gremlin!
I watched the marathon of The Biggest Loser that BRAVO had on yesterday and got caught up on the episodes that I missed because of travelling or whatever.Â? I have to say… I am soooo impressed with Pete, the guy who won the $100,000 from the Biggest Loser Club (or whatever the thing is called).Â? On the episode where he had to pick the teams, he chose based on who would help each person the most when he could have easily stacked it so that he’d win.Â? The way he explained it was also wonderful as was the scene with him and his wife.Â? He’s one of the characters I actually liked on the show — for the most part, the really nasty people got voted off early, unlike last season where Lisa lasted WAAAAAAAY too long on there!

Such is my life.Â? Other than crocheting and watching TV, I went to breakfast with Jon and the other pastors today and then went to the crafting group that meets on Tuesday with various community people.Â? (It’s kind of become a tradition on Tuesdays for me.)Â? There were quite a few people there this morning and I got a couple squares done while there and found out what a Montana Mud is.Â? (It’s Coke, Irish Cream syrup, and milk.Â? It would actually be pretty decent made with diet Coke or Pepsi since it’s a little too sweet with the real thing.)

::Embodiment:: Journal

I’m pretty darn proud of my journal so here are the pics of it:

The front of the journal

The back of the journal

I need to put some Mod Podge over the collage so that it stays put; but I think it looks pretty darn cool considering that I’m not an artsy person.