Daily Life

wrist sprain AGAIN!!!!

well… i managed to re-sprain my wrist yesterday and this time worse than i had originally. i was processing a shipment because we had frozen stuff that needed to be put in the freezer. small problem: there isn’t enough room to swing a cat in the freezer, let alone fit all that food in there. …
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giving of myself

well… alisa called in sick today (with hayfever which is no excuse — i’m suffering too and i’m still working) so john worked on his day off. i think that they’re trying to make it up to me for what happened on the 21st. i really did appreciate john today because i needed someone to …
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crazy day

please remind me not to pray for a busy day in the café again! i was alone in the café for 4? hours today because maeoll overslept. it was almost solid customers too. i was really thankful for debbie and bob since they stepped in and helped me get some really little but important things …
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quieting myself

today was *soooooo* slow at work. by the time i left at 3, we’d maybe had four busy points and very few customers. i wonder why. i know that the harry potter hype is over but we still used to have more customers. i’m finding that i am getting quieter in my advancing age. i’m …
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well… i’ve got most of the site done. i’ll work on ftping it up next week. hopefully dreamhost sent me enough information and hopefully it’s simplified enough so that even i can figure it out. it’s been nice having these last two days off from work. i’ve gotten a chance to work on the site …
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