fall con rehash

whoa… if i didn’t believe in God working in people before this weekend, i sure do now. fall con was undescribably wonderful. we worshipped, heard some amazing talks, played games since it was wet outside (though our hard core ultimate frisbee people *did* squeeze in a muddy game on saturday afternoon), hung out,… i also don’t think that i’ve ever been with so many people being touched by God at once — on saturday night, almost all of us were in tears during worship (tears of joy, that is) and it was just amazing what God chose to do in everyone.

fall con time!!!!!!!!!

well… my thought is that i’ll do a comparison of st. patrick and st. martin of tours. i can compare their attitudes and how they reformed people. i couold also compare the way they spread the Gospel. st. martin actively destroyed pagan groves while st. patrick had a more synchritistic approach. i also found a cool poem about a guy and his kitty in how the irish saved civilization. 🙂

yay!!! jocelyn is updating again!!!

i’ll be gone from tomorrow afternoon until sunday afternoon at fall conference. yay!!! fall con is sooooooo fun. we hang out with stanford, santa clara, and csu monterey at a christian camp in the mountains. we sing, listen to talks, play ultimate frisbee, fellowship…

history paper

well… reading cahill and wishing i had the book on monday (!!!) so i could be writing my paper right now instead of mulling over whether to tweak my topic. shall i do patrick vs. augustine, st. martin of tours vs. patrick, the comparison between rome’s changes and ireland’s changes after receiving the gospel…

art history midterm

jen no want to take her art history midterm. jen no want to take her art history midterm. well… at least i’ll be somewhat familiar with the material since i’ve reviewed the slides. *sighs* midterms are nasty.

my book arrived at 10:38 in santa cruz. i am a happy jen. i can actually start my paper. got through the midterm. now to do my paper and read njal’s saga.

in the meantime, cebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

daily schtuff

ok… got my teeth tightened this morning, went to class, went to lunch, talked with jon…

i don’t *want* to go to section. i’ve got my responses done for soc and depending on how i’m feeling at 3 when i have to leave. i’m exhausted since my cat kept waking me up and i also haven’t slept well lately. last night i *did* sleep well but i haven’t in previous nights. i know that this is no excuse for missing class so i’ll probably go. hopefully my face drains (sinuses) and my ears stop hurting before i have to go.

well… under the threat of being duck-taped to my bed if i went to section by three *BIG* guys, i stayed in to do reading. soc section does little to nothing for me anyway. i did get a lot of art history reading done. i think i’ll be ok for the midterm tomorrow.

attn: ups. if my book does not arrive tomorrow by noon, i will forever boycott your company.


naps are good things. i took one from about 11:45 to 13:15 today. cool sheets, somewhat quiet dorm. it was jen heaven. less than a week until fall con and less than two until i see my fox. happy jen.

steve, why just the blog on your page? also… love option #7. 🙂


we had a *little* windstorm last night with winds that made the trees dance and even dipped one into the roof of one of my college fellowship leaders before it smashed their deck and smashed into pieces. the winds aren’t bad now but it was a kind of psalm 29 storm without rain. we made due at the house of some other people and it was an extremely enjoyable afternoon. i got to know esther and ryann a lot better and strangely enough, even ended up singing parts of handel’s “messiah” with ryann in comparison to the soul version that we were listening to on the stereo.

ok… ups had better get my copy of “how the irish saved civilization” here soon or heads will roll!!!