Five Favorites: Dental Work Coping Mechanisms

Five Favorites

I had to have dental work done today so these are my favorites related to that.


My mother-in-law. She took care of getting Daniel off his bus today as I was at the dentist’s office and she took Daniel out with Jon a bit ago so that my father-in-law could have a nap and I could lie down and deal with the headache from my jaw being propped open for 2 1/2 hours.


My dentist. She is a lovely Iraqi woman who wears beautiful scarves… and her concern today was to put me in the least amount of pain possible. I was supposed to have a root canal and two fillings (broken tooth that formed a food trap) but the broken part didn’t extend down to the nerve so she didn’t want to mess with it. Instead, they shaped it for a crown and did the two other fillings. I’m grateful that she has this attitude because it means my bill will be much lower and I’m not in as much pain.


My 6 year old iPod nano. I charged it for the first time in 4 years today (haven’t had to use it since 2010 because it was mainly what I used to listen to music at work in Montana) and spent most of my time in the dentist’s chair listening to Bach and classical music from various iTunes playlists on my computer.


Aleve. I’m not having serious pain right now. Granted, it’s early yet but the numbing is almost gone from my jaw and I don’t have more than a headache.


Jamba Juice. I needed something I could just drink for lunch today and the smoothie I got had the right combination of protein and carbs. It allowed me to have something on my stomach so I could take the Aleve and the cold was therapeutic.

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