I’m Back

well… i’m back on campus and the quarter starts tomorrow. i don’t actually have class until wednesday so i’m chilling.

my break was mostly spent sleeping and reading jan karon books. i flew up to portland on thursday night and spent friday and saturday night with jon. we went to the oregon zoo and i saw my first beaver. (it was cute except for the sharp teeth.) it was great.

Finally Done!!!!!

ok… my senior seminar paper is done. if anyone wants to read it (it’s 23 pages, btw), email me. i’m at that tiredness point where moving is painful so i’m gonna take a nap after i finish writing this. i’m leaving today for sj and will not be back until the 26th. this lepicat needs some rest. until the 26th, enjoy the entries in my archives.

Guilt-Tripping Myself

yes… i know that i should archive last week but i’m doing corrections to my senior sem paper. yes… the one that is due tomorrow. adding the last two pages is going more slowly than i thought it would.

Paper Progress (II)

i listened to laurie’s real audio entries while re-writing my anthro paper. she’s doing better than she was (as near as i can tell from her journal entries). kristal is (hopefully) getting help… her last entry depressed me and i wish i knew what to tell her. it seems like everyone around me is dealing with depression and i’m the only one who isn’t. granted, i have chemical depression and ptsd but those are pretty much controlled… i’m having a shadow day and all i can do is just pray and hang on. this will pass… these things always do.

i have some stuff to edit on my anthro paper. i have it pretty much done but i have to change some details to reflect the events of this last week. i’ll also probably re-read parts of the soul of celtic spirituality as i need a spiritual pick me up right now.

Paper Progress (I)

book recommendation: the soul of celtic spirituality by michael mitton. he is an anglican priest and celtic christian scholar. it isn’t very often that one finds a scholarly text that is actually a devotional book. 🙂

mme paper is done and in and i have a deadline for proofreading. (thank heavens for class accountability groups!!!) i need to proofread my anthro final but that won’t be bad.


my fox is back online. wooohoooo!!!! ok… getting my mme paper done tonight and then working on the redesign of this. yes… i know i still have my senior sem paper but i’ll lose my mind if i don’t do other things.

Finals are approaching!

i’m praying that the cd gets to jon tomorrow. i miss having my fox online.

ok… it’s major crunch week so i may not be putting too many entries up (or at least really detailed ones) until the 19th. i have my anthro final done and i’m attempting to get a few pages of my mme paper done tonight. after that, it’s all about my senior seminar paper. pray for me since i’m at the point of losing my mind. oh yes… this is what i learned from the children’s sermon at messiah today: safeway-brand tuxedos have more filling than oreos do.