art history

well… i got two pages of art history done last night which leaves me 3 to do tonight so that i can have it to show her tomorrow. i’m realizing why i didn’t choose to go into art history — it’s not easy to write about and i just really am not good at it. after that…. history and soc to write. anyone want to contribute to the effort?


well… thanksgiving was lovely. the lack of updates reflects the fact that i was home and couldn’t do entries from there. ( i know. i know. i should get blogger. riiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhhhttttt….)

i spent it with my in-laws (to be) in claremont. i flew down with jon on wednesday afternoon and stayed until saturday. (jon does 4 services on sunday so he had to be back early.) we went to church and fed the homeless on thursday, which will stick in my memory because i fainted from lack of blood sugar. (attn: people. fainting is not fun.) on friday, i got to meet jon’s grandparents and we went out for middle eastern food (which is probably still at jon’s house. oops!!) we also watched “keeping the faith” which was pretty funny. saturday morning, jon and i took a walk and really got to talk through a lot of things.

for those of you wondering about my art history midterm, i did well on the test and pretty much bombed the paper. it was one of those papers where i had no set idea in my mind of how i would write it — i just wrote and wrote and turned it in since it was the essay part of my midterm. i have another 6 page paper due thursday and i at least have some ideas of my argument.

update: i talked to my professor on tuesday and she said that i’d actually done pretty well on the paper — she’d put a lot of criticism since she knows that i’m heading to grad school in a few years. so i got a b+ on it. woooohooooo!!!!

addendum to the muzzles request

let me abridge my comment from yesterday’s entry to say that the muzzles only apply to the demon children on the third floor and to some friends that visit the room of one of the people on my wing. these are the people who *know* that they are behaving inappropriately because i’ll hear them pounding on someone’s door, screaming, “open up or that girl will start yelling at me to be quiet again!!!”

driving instructors suck

ok… my driving instructor failed to show up (then again, i gave up after wating an hour for him. 15 minutes is understandable but an hour is unexcusable.)

oh yes… anyone know of a place i can get muzzles for the frosh in my dorm. the little brats haven’t figured out that running up and down the halls as well as talking very loudly after 10 pm is a bit disturbing to those who want to sleep.

energy zap

my energy level is down so low that all i did was rest and sleep today. i really need to go back into the health center and find out what’s going on. this isn’t normal. it’s bad enough that my asthma is bad enough to have to have nebulizer treamtent…

i’m wondering if i shouldn’t just transfer to cap and withdraw from ucsc. i feel like my heart is elsewhere right now and since they kicked everyone off campus, it’s been hard to adjust…


i got more stuff from urbana. i’ll prep the Bible studies probably around thanksgiving and i’ll print everything out this weekend and put it in a binder. i’m wanting the quarter to be over because i’m so wiped out. i know i should be prepping my major but after two classes today, i have no energy…

power outages

geez… the power is out and it’s the 13th. coincidence, no?

i found out today that i’ll be a small group leader for urbana. i’m really happy that they chose me and i know that i’m going to work extra hard on prepping the studies for the conference.