Weekend Paper Plans

ok… hoping to get my anthro paper and my mme paper done this weekend. i think i will have to shrink the font on the anthro paper because it needs to be under 12 pages and i’m at 10 right now without discussing the eucharist.


can anyone tell me why we’ve had the following things happen in the last three days: -the shooting spree at santana high school -the shooting at a pennsylvania school this morning -the arrest of a student in washington for bringing a gun to school -the arrest of two teenagers in california for having a hit list and a rifle i just wish that my generation would abandon the violent trash that is the media and pop music industry and start working to make things better. sorry… blowing someone’s head off with a gun does not solve anything.

Stupid Cats

there was a cool storm this weekend. my mom’s cat decided to go outside… then come in… and then go outside about five times before she realized that she would get wet. bessie isn’t that bright occasionally. another storm is coming in. i love this kind of weather and am hoping that we get some *good* thunder and lightning.


the ash wednesday service went really well. we had 150 people crammed into the tiny conference room that we used for the service. i was the gospel reader and my friends anne and fernando did the other readings. the number of people created a logistical nightmare so the campus ministers had to come out into the mass of people to do the ashes. while they imposed the ashes, we were singing a taizé piece (oh Lord, hear my prayer). it was nice to get newman and iv and the other groups together.

some pretty good news: I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED TO GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!

Seattle Earthquake

is it bad that i have no idea what to give up for lent? especially since today *is* ash wednesday.

attn seattlites: are you guys ok? if you write and tell me your stories, i’ll post them on here. 🙂 (hint: let me know you are out there and reading my journal.)

A Decent Speaker In Anthro

well… we actually had a decent speaker in my anthro class. brant secunda was awesome but the other speaker on religion and drugs was just the pits. today’s speaker was stuart schelgel who is a former anthropology professor from ucsc and an episcopal priest. he talked about his experiences with the teduray peoples. it was incredibly interesting and the person i mentioned on friday kept his mouth shut.


this quarter is going by soooooo fast… my senior seminar paper is due in 3 weeks and finals are just as close!!! i’m chilling this weekend and grading senior seminar rough drafts, downloading jeff foxworthy mp3’s and marty haugen stuff. marty is pretty good and i find it funny that this lutheran-turned ucc composer is the most sung one in the catholic church. (sorry if i shattered anyone’s world view.) ok… an earthquake just hit. is this a sign of something?