Supply Preaching

kathleen, one of the campus ministers asked me to preach for a few of the churches that support the united campus christian ministry and i agreed. i am, however, at a loss as to what i should speak about and what scriptures to use. mike suggested my thesis topic so i’ll probably talk about the use of patrick’s breastplate and caims. i’ll post my thesis (well… actually just a senior seminar paper) on here tomorrow. email me with ideas of how i could put that into a sermon. i especially want to hear from people who don’t consider themselves christian since i want to know what you think. i’d also like to know why you read my journal. (i’m parroting krissy’s question.)


yesterday was a super busy day. i was up at 5 for the sunrise service which was nice. i don’t exactly agree with mike on the way he set some of the hymns (i.e. bongo drums don’t go with “Jesus Christ is risen today” or “i know my redeemer lives” — i prefer really simple guitar in place of organ) but the music was still not too bad. the sermon was fantastic and it was a beautiful (though chilly) morning. afterwards, i went down to messiah for the 8:00 service before running back up to campus to change before the 10:45 service at high street. the high street service was great and veronica came with us. brunch was wonderful aside from worrying about sean getting to the church to take me to fairfield.

fairfield was wonderful. my aunt muggs was down visiting from washington and it was wonderful to see her again. i also got to meet jeff (her son) and his wife julia and their two adorable little girls — megan and allison. we had about 50 easter egg hunts — mostly because after we’d hide the eggs, the girls would insist on hiding them again or having sean and i hide them and find them. dinner was spectacular and sitting around afterward having coffee was great as well. i got back to santa cruz at 10:30 and went to bed at 11:30 when i finally started falling asleep while talking to jon. the ucsc servers are down so i have no idea when i’ll actually get to upload this entry. oh well…

the urbana worship cd is here. woohoo!!!

the servers came back up around 7 tonight. yay!!!

Jon’s Visit

jon has been here since wednesday night and he’s leaving in two hours. despite the fight we had thursday night, the visit has been wonderful. i think i’ve also learned that i need to let him know when i’m irritated and he’s learned that i know myself and my temper well enough to know that trying to work stuff out late at night when i’m tired is only going to make me more angry. ephesians 4:26 is a good verse but sometimes, the anger and emotion can be remedied more easily by sleep than by talking it out endlessly. we were able to talk things out… that afternoon AFTER the service and me going to section for some cool off time.

we had a good time helping to set up for the campus good friday service yesterday and then being the readers. i don’t know about jon employing the stanislausky method to the role of pilate but hey… it worked out well. last night’s reading was also fun. jon commented to the organist that it looked like we were having a visit from the Holy Spirit, though i don’t think the Spirit was moving in the form of a bat. besides, i got to play with fire, making me a very happy lepicat.

Good Friday

rather than focus on this being friday the 13th, i’m focusing more on it being “good friday”. granted, this is a bad day because Christ died on it but it is also good because God’s plan to redeem us came to fulfillment. the good friday service i attended at messiah tonight was wonderful — lydia, jon, and i got to read and sit up in the darkened loft. a bat was flying around the church — very eerie.

mchenry isn’t hiring me so i guess i’m going back to looking on the career center website and going down there on monday morning. life goes on. i need the money but i know that God will provide me with something.

Our Stupid President

yo dubya: it took you long enough. the crew could have been released a week ago if you’d had the courtesy to apologize yourself instead of being stuborn about it. a man died for his country and you don’t have the decency to apologize? my lit teacher commented today that the 150 yiddish ways of saying moron could easily be applied to this presidential administration. go bruce!!! “call it sleep” is actually pretty good.

Palm Sunday

the palm sunday service at messiah was wonderful. lydia and her old housemate david were with me. david reminds me of my friend tom newton — kind of goofy and all. processing in was fun and being with the two of them rocked.

when i got to high street for lunch, a guy walked in and started taking food. joan went over to him and gently explained to him that the food was for the college students but he could make himself a sandwich if he liked. he left in a huff. apparently, he had come to the front during second service and started preaching. pete got him to stop by playing the next worship piece and slowly increasing the volume. i’ve been told that he goes to local churches and feels like he needs to preach to them. the room suddenly silenced when he walked in. i think we did the right thing by offering him the food but i still felt super uneasy.

Weekend Happenings

the games night last night rocked. i played speed scrabble with kathy, joan, dane, and melissa and then some killer uno with abby, molly, and ryann. killer uno is like regular uno but much weirder. there are rules like everyone’s name being bubba, being able to play cards out of turn, cards compounding, and having to leap and yell when you put down a draw four card. we then decided to play “norma gardner” which is a name game that i learned from my iv area director. it was fun to play with the older adults because they didn’t know as many new things as we did — including the veggie tales characters. then we played twister and i learned how flexible my friend joe is and that scared me. 🙂

today was the iv women’s retreat. we talked about women’s roles and how we relate. we looked at some passages in genesis and talked about how we view ourselves and the nasty things the media has done to make us hate ourselves. it was a very intense 7 hours but it was wonderful to finally get to talk to my sisters about this stuff.

could we have maybe given our presidential candidates an exam before allowing them to run so that we would possibly have an intelligent president? *canada* is laughing at us because of the idiot we have in the white house.