The “Anti-Massacre Movement”

Various people have weighed in on the Anti-Massacre Movement posting made by Kat. There were people who read it and felt disgusted and there were dissentions. (Click on the various linked words text to see the responses.) I thought I’d add my 2 cents on the situation.

I think Kat made a serious error of judgement in the way she handled the posting. She had an opportunity to mention that it was the 30th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and that abortion was a problem and she chose to go about it in a very callous way. I understand the passion of her pro-life stance and I think she should express it, but it would be prudent for her to remember that not everyone on here is in the same place as her as far as our beliefs on abortion.

I knew people in college who had abortions and none of them were proud of it. It was an immensely painful thing and many were in therapy to deal with it. I wish abortion didn’t exist but I don’t think that banning it will extinguish it. Instead, we should be preventing the situations that would make abortion an option. Instead of showing our kids pictures of aborted fetuses, let’s let them know why sex should be saved until marriage. Instead of presenting abortion as the best option for dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, let’s make adoption information more readily available. Instead of throwing them out on the street, let’s support them during the pregnancy and help them carry the child to full-term. Instead of letting the television industry show our children people who engage casually in pre-marital sex, let’s boycott the advertisers for those shows and insist on programs which show the strength of marriage. In the rare cases (and I mean RARE) where it is medically necessary, let’s not shun the women. I don’t think any of them relish the idea that they are killing their child.

I’ve emailed Kat to this effect but… I am praying that she takes down the posting and either edits it or replaces it with what she had in her journal.

Oh yes… a very balanced response. (via Ellen)


can anyone tell me why we’ve had the following things happen in the last three days: -the shooting spree at santana high school -the shooting at a pennsylvania school this morning -the arrest of a student in washington for bringing a gun to school -the arrest of two teenagers in california for having a hit list and a rifle i just wish that my generation would abandon the violent trash that is the media and pop music industry and start working to make things better. sorry… blowing someone’s head off with a gun does not solve anything.