The Simple Woman’s Daybook: June 11, 2019

For Today… June 11, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny and in the 70’s. I was working on homework, so I was inside all day.

I am thinking… about my assignment due as well as my final for Document Production.

I am thankful… that I will be done with school completely as soon as this final is over. As much as I love my program and classes, I am ready to be done with my degrees and to find work.

One of my favorite things… club soda. It is helping to deal with avoiding Coca-Cola.

I am wearing… charcoal heather shirt from Old Navy and capri pajama bottoms from Target.

I am creating… formatted documents.

I am watching… Forged in Fire reruns on On Demand.

I am hoping… Daniel sleeps through the night tonight. He’s been having issues going to sleep and/or waking up super early.

I am learning… about the Mediterranean diet. I’ll probably move toward meal-planning it through this summer.

In my kitchen… pesto quinoa.

In the school room… Daniel has six days left.

Post Script… Captain Awkward, an interesting advice column.

Shared Quote… “Jesus did not simply die to save us from our sins; Jesus lived to save us from our sins. His life and teachings show us the way to liberation. But you can’t fit all that on a bumper sticker. So we try to boil it down to a formula. Four steps. The “Romans Road.” John 3:16. And yet the gospel itself, in its eternal scope and scandalous particularity, defies reduction.” — Rachel Held Evans

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7 Quick Takes: Almost Done Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Portfolio. I got my Portfolio back during my exit interview today. I got a perfect score on it… obviously. (I am motherfreaking Hermione, biotch!)

Title page

By the way, I made the background from scratch… and used it on my table of contents and all my divider pages.

— 2 —

Exit interview. My exit interview was today and was 30 minutes of shooting the breeze with my department chairs. I ended up with a 99 in my Final Project class (and yes, I am flipping out mentally about that point I lost because it was a stupid proofreading error I made on my reflection paper), so yay!

— 3 —

My Document Production class. I still hate Document Production and my instructor was laughing at me today when I told her. I hate it because I lose points for stupid things like extra spaces that will not be visible in the printed copy (or even when I turn off non-printing characters), and I told her that her favorite saying (“read all the words, not just the ones you like”) is completely true. The instruction I miss is something small in a margin or a couple of words in the midst of a huge paragraph.

— 4 —

What’s next after graduation? I have to chase down some therapy stuff for Daniel this summer and there is a possible hysterectomy on the horizon for me, so I can’t job hunt just yet. I’m looking for an accounting assistant or accounting paraprofessional position, so I’m keeping my ears open for now and seeing what comes up. I’ll also put my resume on GlassDoor and InDeed.

— 5 —

Comparison. I’ve had people ask if this is harder than my college degree and the answer is “not even close”. I have a 95 or above in all but two of my classes. I can’t say that this happened in more than a handful of my BA classes because the work expected of me was so much harder. I did my BA in three years, but unlike my AAS degrees at Skagit, it was three VERY full years. I was full-time EVERY quarter, if not more than a full load.

My MTS classes were all A’s, but that’s because it was a very specific area in which it was all my strengths.

— 6 —

A new show for y’all. Now that Game of Thrones is over and the writers did a horrible thing to Daenerys (she should have been queen and they know it!), y’all need to be watching Forged in Fire and learn how all those cool swords and knives were made. Seriously, it’s a fun show (and yes, I’m watching it while I blog) and I’ve learned a lot about an area of craftsmanship that is not my own.

— 7 —

Chucks. I was hoping to get myself a pair of Converse Chucks for the first time ever… and found out when I went to my local shoe store that my feet are too wide for Converse shoes. There was a pair that might have worked, but it still felt tight and like it would give me blisters. I was bummed, but I did end up buying shoes that worked better for me.

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7 Quick Takes: Reasons I’m Tired Tonight Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Daniel isn’t sleeping well. We think it’s him feeling hungry and not knowing how to process that. Because Daniel. I’ve been trying to enforce EXTRA drinking of milk to keep him full and I’ve upped his feed.

— 2 —

PTK induction. I was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa (international 2-year college honor society) tonight. I was invited to join in Fall 2017, but I’ve been a little busy. My mom was watching Daniel and Dad surprised me by showing up.

Dad and me at the induction

— 3 —

Portfolio. My portfolio for my Final Project class is due tomorrow. I have almost everything printed out and done, but Sage was being catty yesterday and I need to redo and print out a report for it. I blame the LA Dodgers.

— 4 —

Puke. I hadn’t been gone for five minutes tonight when Mom called to let me know that Daniel puked (of course) and asked if she should give him tomorrow’s meds as he presumably puked up tonight’s. I was on the road to school, so I said “yes”. Well, I’m not totally sure now and am keeping an eye on him. At least he’s sleeping?

— 5 —

Donald Trump is still in office. His mere existence tires me.

— 6 —

Pentecost. I’m writing the prayers for Pentecost and I need to translate them into Spanish… or at least send them to my translation staff, one of whom came into tutoring last week and scolded me for not having them done yet. (God bless my “translation staff” of students!)

— 7 —

Forged in Fire. I’ve been watching “Forged in Fire” reruns while I’ve done homework lately… and this sometimes has me up too late. Oops!

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 27, 2019

For Today… May 27, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny. Daniel and I might head to the park later while we’re doing errands.

I am thinking… about job-hunting.

I am thankful… for the men and woman who have sacrificed their lives while serving this country.

One of my favorite things… quiet. Unfortunately, Daniel is home today and in a cranky mood, so he is yelling right now. (Autism is fun.)

I am wearing… black fitted tee from Old Navy and capris from Kohl’s

I am creating… forms and documents for my Document Production class.

I am watching… reruns of Forged in Fire. Thank goodness for On Demand!

I am hoping… Daniel settles down. He had a crappy night last night where he was unable to get to sleep easily, and he’s a pill today as a result. The rest of us are feeling similar and trying to stay out of the way of each other.

I am learning… where my trouble spots are in putting together business reports. It’s frustrating because the things I’m missing are opinion things in the mind of the computer program.

In my kitchen… hot dogs last night. I don’t know if Dad wants to do anything special tonight for Memorial Day.

In the school room… Daniel has a few weeks of school to go. We’re going to work on reading this summer during his daytime feeds.

Post Script… this is a very sweet story.

Shared Quote… “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” — Neil Gaiman, Coraline

A moment from my day… Thinking of Grandpa today.

My grandfather's memorial marker

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7 Quick Takes: Graduation Advice Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s graduation season around here and I thought I would share my advice for those graduating from high school or college.

— 1 —

It doesn’t cost anything to be compassionate. You will always have the choice of whether to be critical of someone or to be compassionate. Even if you strenuously disagree with their beliefs or their actions, choose compassion.

— 2 —

Put people “up”. Rather than putting people down, praise someone who is doing something well. You’ll find that the people around them conform to what you have just praised. It also will give people some strength to get through a hard situation. Jon used to have a parishioner who would ALWAYS find something to praise in Daniel’s behavior on a Sunday morning, even if it was just that he was exuberant that day. It was a nice break in the nasty looks I got from people because my kid dared to make a sound in church or run up the aisle.

— 3 —

VOTE. Always, always, ALWAYS! The current nightmare in the White House was elected by 27% of the population because close to 50% of eligible voters didn’t show up. Your vote makes a difference whether for a bond measure, the mayor, or your Congresscritters! If you are over 18, you have a responsibility to help shape the political landscape of your community and your country.

— 4 —

Get outside of your country. This one is especially true for those of us in the USA! There is a whole world to see and many different languages, religions, and cultures. Go and explore them.

— 5 —

Say “please” and “thank-you”. Ten years ago, I taught a coworker how to do something and she poked her head in the room afterward to thank me. I remember that ten years later because it is a rare thing. When I was talking to the head of the BASAM program at my school about it a few weeks ago, she commented that such a thing would be in someone’s favor in a hiring decision. It also creates a better workplace when people are polite to each other.

— 6 —

Read. Find a genre you like and make sure you spend time reading. It will make you a much more interesting person.

— 7 —

Never stop learning. My great-aunt is 96 and tells this to her grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and great-nieces and nephews frequently. Learn how to do your own home repairs. Learn how to cook for yourself. Learn a new language. Just always be ready to learn something.

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Saying Grace (Repost)

I wrote this in June 2003 but I refer people to it enough that I thought it deserved to be re-posted.

In small group tonight, we were talking about prayer and witnessing before diving into the Book of Revelation. One of the contexts given was saying grace in a public place like a restaurant and it reminded me of this…

Since I embraced Christ at age 14, I’ve been fairly intentional about praying before I eat. I was subtle about it at first and got bolder as time went on. By the time I left for college at age 18, I was praying before meals regularly. I wasn’t obnoxious about it — I’d just bow my head for a few moments — but I was very conscious to do so. At first, this really puzzled the motley crew of non-Christian influences with whom I hung out in college and the joke became that I was “waiting for the Lactaid to kick in” if I was eating with Das Group. People knew to just hold off on conversating with me for however long my head was bowed and I didn’t make a huge deal out of it.

I was really focused on being inconspicuous at first because I thought I was shoving my faith in peoples’ faces but everyone was really OK with it and some people actually told me during some of the deeper one-on-one conversations we had that they really thought that it was cool. Others would bow their heads with me if we were all going out to eat and my friend Amy actually asked if we could say grace when we ate together in our apartment during our senior year. Granted, it was a silent prayer but it was a time to give credit to the One who made it possible to have the food on our plates. I’ve gotten lax about my quiet times lately and even praying before I fall asleep (I tend to fall asleep *while* praying a lot of the time) but I’m still very vigilant about saying grace. This puzzles me because I’m doing the little prayers instead of the big ones; but by the same token, I’m also acknowledging my gratefulness to the Lord for what I have and that I would not have it without Him.

Another thing that came of saying grace was that it taught my friends about how much my faith meant in my life. In November 1999, my life was in pieces (literally) and I came into the dining hall one morning in tears. I was eating alone and my friend Amy came and sat down with me and asked me what was wrong, which made me cry harder. She then said the most magical words I’ve ever heard, “Jen, do you want to pray about this?” The reason they were so magical was that Amy was a non-believer (at the time) and it was like “SHE UNDERSTANDS!!!” She offered her hand and I took it and we prayed silently for probably a good 10 minutes. I still get weepy thinking about it because I don’t know if Amy will ever understand how much it meant to me that she sat there and prayed with me. All I know is that she understood that prayer was important in my life at the time and she wanted to help me in a way that was meaningful to me. Other of my friends would ask me to pray with them (also non-believers at the time though some have come to Christ since our graduation) and though I’d be judicious in my wording, it was still an affirmation of my faith and in a way saying that they understood the power prayer could have. Saying grace was a way I could witness to people about my faith and it was an expression of my dependence on God for everything.

I heard a lot about being intentional and praying VERY audibly in restaurants as a way of witnessing. (By “VERY audibly”, I’m talking a voice level 3-4 times above normal.) I think that instead of praying so loudly that others DEFINITELY hear us (cf. Luke 18:9-14), we should pray as we normally do and let people notice us. Believe me… they WILL and I’ve gotten comments on it even when I’ve prayed silently to myself at $tarbuck$ (literally waiting for the Lactaid to kick in). I remember the impact it made on me as a newly-minted Christian to see two people praying over their bear claws at $tarbuck$ and I think that it can have similar impacts on other people.

My $0.02 for what it is worth.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook: May 19, 2019

For Today… May 19, 2019

Simple Woman's Daybook

Looking out my window… sunny and in the 60’s.

I am thinking… about the Document Production homework on which I am procrastinating.

I am thankful… for my evil twin, his wife, and their critter coming up this weekend for the communal birthday celebration. We (the evil twin and me) turn 39 years old today!

One of my favorite things… my nephew Braden. He is so curious and so cute right now. (Not sharing pictures because my evil twin and his wife aren’t in favor of it.)

I am wearing… a black fitted tee from Old Navy and capris from Fred Meyer.

I am creating… a portfolio for my Final Project class.

I am watching… lots of Forged in Fire reruns.

I am hoping… this week’s Document Production homework isn’t too bad.

I am learning… to watch for extra spaces that I add inadvertently to documents.

In my kitchen… probably a lovely spinach salad tonight.

In the school room… Daniel is enjoying school.

Post Script… I’m pouring over this piece from Buzzfeed on how to start a bullet journal.

Shared Quote… “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” — Coco Chanel

A moment from my day… Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away…


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