Can This Day Just End?

Let’s see… the frames of my glasses snapped, so I have to go see the local optometrist tomorrow. Jon and I also had a fight and it’s hotter than hell here, thus I’m dehydrated and crabby.

Let’s also just not talk about the scratches on my arms, OK?

Some Prayers Would Be Good

While I’m recovering well, I am dealing with some depression. Basically, all the energy is going to heal the incisions on my stomach and not to maintaining my sanity. I’ve had a crappy 24 hours and I’m honestly feeling like the wet kitten in the “Don’t Tell Me What Kind of Day To Have!!!!!” posters.

Could y’all lift some prayers for me?

The Password

Thanks to some recent whiny emails I’ve gotten, I’ve had to revise my password policy. Basically, if you’re on my blogroll, I’ll give you the password. If you’re not, email me and IF you meet the followinig conditions:

a.) I know you
b.) I approve of you reading the more private stuff on my site
c.) you aren’t someone who will make my real life a living hell

I might give you the password. Does this clear the matter up?