7 Quick Takes: Getting Political and Pissing Off My Trolls Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s been THAT week here. My sweet child decided to pull out his g-tube on Tuesday (necessitating it being changed a month early and causing me a pretty massive adrenaline spike as I had to change it while being half-awake), I’m fighting allergies up the wazoo, and that’s not even getting into all the racial and political things going on in this country. I can’t do much about my kiddo’s g-tube sitch or the allergies, but I figured I would vent out my spleen on the politics and social things.

If you don’t want to deal with reading my anti-Trump/anti-racist/pro-mask ramblings, can I *HIGHLY* recommend heading over to watch some videos at the Wildcat Sanctuary Facebook page? (For those of you who don’t do Facebook, they have a YouTube channel with some of the videos on there.) They are set to appear first on my Facebook feed, and I sponsor one of their bobcats. (Click here to see what made me fall in love with her.)

— 1 —

The rally in Tulsa on Saturday night. Someone convinced Trump’s minions to reschedule the rally in Tulsa to the day after Juneteenth. (I’m truly SHOCKED that they actually listened.) The head of Tulsa’s Department of Health does not want him there because of the massive COVID-19 risk this rally poses, and the Tulsa World newspaper’s editorial board has made this clear as well.

The governor of Oklahoma has invited Trump to visit the neighborhood where the Tulsa Race Massacre took place, and black Tulsans are unnerved by this. They also didn’t include black leaders in the discussion, which is a pretty huge slap in the face when THEY were the ones killed in the massacre.

It might be a good idea to lift up some prayers for everyone in the Tulsa area for safety from the COVID-19 cluster that is probably going to result as well as from any of Trump’s “fine upstanding people” causing shenanigans.

— 2 —

Nothing new under the sun. The Tulsa Race Massacre was not the only one that happened. Why was this never spoken of in U.S. History classes? In the case of the Tulsa massacre, people were terrified into staying silent, and it would not surprise me if the same thing happened with the other massacres.

— 3 —

This is not a coincidence. Black men have been found hanging from trees in New York, California, and most recently in a Texas school parking lot. With everything going on, the timing is pretty suspicious.

— 4 —

#SayHerName The cops who killed Breonna Taylor are still on the job. Their names are Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove. You are invited to make some calls to get them fired and charged in her killing pending the outcome of the various investigations being launched by the state and the Feds.

— 5 —

Commemorating the Emanuel 9. Five years ago, Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot nine people dead. He did it in order to start a race war, and one of the most vivid memories I have of the day after it happened is one of the family members of the deceased telling Roof that she forgave him because she had to do it as a Christian. He wanted to start a fight, and she effectively blocked him.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, one of my former denominations, held a prayer service to commemorate them on Wednesday.

Another moving song about the occasion:

— 6 —

Hydroxychloroquine. The CDC has pulled emergency authorization for use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine… BECAUSE IT IS UNLIKELY TO BE EFFECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! All of us who have been offered it by our rheumatologists for our conditions are rolling our eyes because WE HAVE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE THIS. (Its brand name is Plaquenil, and it has been out for a while.) Among the side effects that turned me off of trying it was liver issues and retinal damage. If it was the only thing that was going to keep me alive, my parents (who have my medical POA) would have permitted it to be given to me, but there was no conclusive evidence that it would do any good–only that it would cause serious cardiac side effects.

The lesson here: Trump should have waited until peer-reviewed/strong> studies came out before talking about it.

— 7 —

One more mask take. I’m just going to say this plainly:


Yes, your glasses fog up. Guess what? It happens to doctors and nursing staff in hospitals all the time. (I’ve seen probably 50 letters to the editor from doctors and nurses all over the country on this subject.)They have no sympathy for you, and I don’t either. I’ve had to live in a mask, gloves, and gown over my clothes for a week at a time while in the PICU with Daniel. If I can do it for a week or more at a time, you can do it for an hour while grocery-shopping or at Mass. Masking up protects those around you from getting infected with COVID-19 if you have it, and it honestly is a sign that you care about the welfare of other people. Given that states are opening up too fast and seeing a spike in infections, places need to be enforcing it.

The CDC recommends it as do the Mayo Clinic, this study from the National Institutes of Health, this other study from the National Institutes of Health, this study in The Lancet, the Cleveland Clinic, this study from the National Academy of Sciences, and many other studies.

Yes, Trump doesn’t wear one, but he’s also a fundamentally selfish human being who requires those around him to wear masks instead because he cares about them not infecting him, but not about him infecting them. Don’t be like Trump. Mask up.

(And to my main troll: the office of your Congressional representative thinks it’s hysterically funny that someone in Washington state is donating to her campaign because one of her constituents is being an Internet troll.)

*Bandanas and neck gaiters count here as well.
**Autism is included in medical reasons.
***If you haven’t been able to acquire one and/or need instructions on how to make one, leave me a comment and I’ll get you information on how to do that.

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1 thought on “7 Quick Takes: Getting Political and Pissing Off My Trolls Edition

  1. Trump came to my city this week (I was distracted enough that I didn’t realize until after he’d left that evening), in a state with the fastest-rising number of cases in the whole country right now, and didn’t wear a mask, and neither did the governor or state senator with him. What a great example guys… especially since our whole county (and most of the cities in it as well) actually has an ordinance in place right now making masks mandatory. Just thumb your nose at local laws because you think you’re more important than them, why don’t you? I really struggle to understand where the animosity about masks even comes from.

    Or the animosity about racial issues, for that matter. I don’t get why people are motivated to hurt other people, or to support laws and lawmakers that perpetuate injustice – especially people who call themselves Christians. But I don’t really know what I can/should do to make things better.

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