7 Quick Takes: No Politics Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

4th of July. It was a quiet 4th of July here in terms of family activity. My dad grilled hotdogs, and I got to see quite a few fireworks shows from my bedroom window… because various people on my cross-street and some of the other cul-de-sacs spent HUNDREDS of dollars on fireworks which they set off for probably 3 straight hours from 9:00 p.m. to midnight. Our poor cats were curled up in my mom’s closet because it sounded like we were being shelled. (My town does allow fireworks between certain hours on the 4th of July, but a lot of other towns don’t.)

— 2 —

Back to Work. Summer Quarter started this week, and I’m getting to tutor for the first time ever during the summer because everything is online. I’ve met with all of my students at least once now, and the first-week stuff that always comes up is getting ironed out.

For those who are wondering, we aren’t going to know if we’ll be back on-campus for Fall Quarter until August. I’d prefer to stay online because the COVID risk is still high here, and my family is still locked down really tightly, so I wouldn’t be able to work on campus. I also know that our college president is risk-averse, so I can’t see him putting the student body in danger.

— 3 —

What leadership looks like. We have a new superintendent here in town and this was what his second day on the job looked like.

I think he’ll be great for the district if taking food, school work, and masks to migrant students is what he does on the second day he is in charge.

— 4 —

Bujo Instagram account. I have a new Instagram account for my bullet journal (bujo). I haven’t done a huge amount with it yet, but will try putting my spreads up before I fill them out. (I can’t show the filled-out ones because a few of them have student names in them, and I’m trying to keep everything FERPA-compliant.)

— 5 —

John Rutter. If you know the music of John Rutter (English choral composer) at all, you’ll appreciate this parody of his work called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rutter” by Pitchcraft. The best part: THEY’RE SINGING IT TO JOHN RUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!! (He loves it.)

— 6 —

/glares at Minion. I just went to go grab a couple of cartons of formula to feed the kid and prep tomorrow’s morning feed because doing it in the morning when I’m tired makes me want to cry. I get in the guest room (where we keep all the fun stuff) and notice a couple of cartons that had been on top of the boxes were on the floor. I picked them up and found them to be empty… WITH FANG MARKS IN THEM. My cat child had bitten them and they had leaked on the carpet.

I was not happy. Meanwhile, Mr. Black Paws is sprawled on the guest bed letting me know that he is magnificent and soft and cute. I told him that he is none of those things and is instead a VERY BAD CAT. (He is not sorry.)

— 7 —

Recommendation. If you are a bullet journal junkie, go check out Planning with Kay. She is delightful, features her house panther in her YouTube videos, and the community during her livestreams is amazing.

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: No Politics Edition

  1. SO sorry about the formula! That must have been a mess to clean up. Our town doesn’t allow fireworks, and normally there are some. But this year there was a LOT.

  2. I’m glad you’re getting to go back to online tutoring. My college will be meeting in person in the fall (4 yr residential) but any student who wishes to stay online will be able to. This means I have to prep my class times two – my in class one and an online companion. Also professors who are uncomfortable with in class teaching can just go all online. I prefer in person (masked and socially distance as required) as my students really benefit from the school atmosphere.
    Our local school district hasn’t announced anything yet, but I want in person classes. My kids had such variability of experiences that I don’t trust what the school district claims is a good online class. And my daughter with DS really thrives in person classes. She will learn nothing at home. My little extrovert kids miss their friends, and my son who is an extreme introvert really does better when he has to interact with society. (He even admitted he missed school this spring! )
    We adopted a kitten to make up for the spring stress – such a wonderful little bundle of terror! Gray with gray stripes and some white markings, so not a complete minion of darkness. Cats are great company – when they’re not wreaking havoc. He’s only 10 weeks old at this point so I think I have yet to learn about his true power of chaos. Your tales of your black cat do inspire some concern!

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