Catching Up: April 30. 2022 Edition

And it’s been six weeks since my last post. Go me.

[+] In my defense, I’ve been sick. I had a UTI over Spring Break that flattened me, my sleep schedule is completely knocked off kilter, my seasonal allergies have manifested as serious asthma so I spent Holy Week having serious asthma attacks, and I got hit with a respiratory infection the next week which spilled into this one. I’d like to be able to sleep without waking up coughing up a lung, and I’d like to not be taking Sudafed with a Robitussin DM chaser.

[+] We’re four weeks into the quarter, and I haven’t had a consistent schedule from week to week. Part of it has been having to cancel sessions due to asthma attacks and this stupid respiratory infection, but the other part of it is students being added and dropping tutoring or not showing up. I purposely scheduled my Fridays off this quarter to have a day where I could do doctor’s appointments or Daniel appointments, and I’ve also made it so that my students don’t send me work to look over on weekends. This is thanks to a student who completely burned me out during Summer Quarter and a student during Fall Quarter who made me ponder taking up rattlesnake cuddling. I can’t even begin to describe her shenanigans. Between the two of them, I could probably write an entire post of “tutoring don’ts” if it wouldn’t violate FERPA.

[+] Daniel turned 13 on April 7th. I’m still stunned that I now have a teenager.

[+] Doc is getting so much braver and friendlier. Mom is getting serious love time from him when she gives him his greenies. He’ll allow me to get closer to him, and I’m hoping I will eventually get to pet him. He is a very soft cat, and I would love to give him all the scritches that he could ever want.

[+] I spent a lot of time doing blogging/Facebook stuff for church during Holy Week. Five days of services was A LOT. The office of Tenebrae was a new one, and it was very dark. I’m kind of glad I was home doing church web stuff during that one because I wouldn’t have been doing a good job of focusing. By Easter Sunday, I couldn’t focus on anything, so I redid the header for Facebook and the church website. I still need to do the Facebook and church website posts for this weekend. I should probably get started on them…

One thought on “Catching Up: April 30. 2022 Edition

  1. I’m sorry to read that you’ve been unwell – may you turn a corner soon! I’ve missed your regular posts – the passing of Quick Takes has put a dent in my blog reading!
    Glad you gave yourself Fridays off – some students in tutoring can be wildly demanding.
    My term ends (semester) and it is one I cannot wait to put behind me. I had a weird semester healthwise – as someone who hates virtual teaching, I had to invoke it a couple times as to not cancel class. And the students I see are so weak and consider class optional. I think it’s fallout from the 2 yrs or hybrid/virtual teaching. I hope to go into next fall with a better attitude and more patience.
    Enjoy the spring, and I hope Doc lets you pet him soon.
    (We got a kitten in March, and she likes my sons but runs if I try to pick her up. Sigh. And she’s so soft – it’s such a temptation!)

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