Catching Up: Favorite TikToks Edition

I’ve been sick, dealing with work stress, and generally feeling like crap, so I’ve been lying low and watching TikTok when I’m not working. Here are some TikTok finds…

@tanaradoublechocolate. “Everybody’s so creative!” She comments on horrific cooking TikToks. Her other catchphrase is that “it ain’t gone down easy if it ain’t cheesy!”

@gregisms. He’s a gay drama teacher from New Orleans who reports on things his elementary school drama students say to him. How can this not be entertaining?

@meganandtherescues. She rescues kittens. Her “bean bakery” videos about plumping up tiny black kittens are amazing.

@north_omaha_cat_lady. There’s nothing family-friendly about her. She comments on TikTok food videos, GLBTQIA+ issues, strange foods, and just about anything else. I love her for her “Caucasity Cookbook” commentary.

@drennondavis. His cats talk… and have a tie business. Always fun.

@plantymurse. He is a nurse who spent time in an ICU in Idaho. Expect embarrassing stories that may/may not be family-friendly.

@grannybibbins. Do you want to know about farming implements? Do you hate hussies? Do you want to see an octogenarian chase her grandsons around with a cattle prod? Do you like Jing Soda? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to go get some “Farm Facts with Granny”.

@bdylanhollis. Dylan is a Bermudan who came to the University of Wyoming to get his degree in jazz piano. He makes vintage recipes and has a cookbook coming out this summer. Some of his videos have innuendo, so maybe preview them before showing them to your kids?

@carrie_eileen_chuff. Carrie is a former nun who has some things to say about the cloistered life. She is now Eastern Catholic. She is fascinating.

@christopherskaife. He’s the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. He’s interesting and the ravens are cool.

@knucklebumpfarms. This is the TikTok of Taylor Blake. Her emu Emmanuel became an Internet sensation for attacking Taylor’s phone while she was trying to film TikTok videos. Her farm got hit with bird flu, and she lost all of her birds with the exception of Emmanuel and Rico (an evil black swan). Emmanuel suffered a stress reaction, and Taylor spent two months nursing him back from the point of death. Her other animals are also wonderful.

@ladykiernan. I watch her channel for her House Phone Saga. She has a landline whose number she does not know, but the telemarketers all seem to have it. 🙂 She pranks them.

@mehdinatv. Garrett and Mubina are the one channel I would send you to if you need to learn about Islam. Highly recommended.

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