Catching Up: High School Edition

I made it, y’all!

[+] My surly teenager made it through the summer with daily trips out with me to find some “good trouble”. We checked out farm stores, discovered a local bar/grocery store that makes good desserts, and drove A LOT. I now know a few different ways to get home when I-5 snarls up going through Skagit County. I dispatched him to his first day of high school this morning, and I will post a picture when I have time today.

[+] I did finally get to see a gastroenterologist, and he decided that an endoscopy and colonoscopy would be a good plan. He prescribed SuTabs for the cleanse, and they were worth the $$$ because it’s two doses of 12 pills instead of nasty liquids. (Insurance didn’t cover them because insurance companies are death panels.) The cleanse process was hideous as usual, especially because the first dose left me puking badly, but I got through it. The actual procedures were as easy as they could be, and I can’t say enough good about Skagit Valley Hospital’s Endoscopy department. My anesthesiologist was lovely, and my nurse got my IV in painlessly. (The last few IV’s I’ve had at SVH have been painless. I don’t know if it’s a procedural thing or a training thing, but they are amazing. I have had horrible experiences with it taking multiple tries to get one in and it landing me in tears before.) They found that my stomach wall was definitely inflamed, but we don’t know why. Crohn’s, colitis, and scary stuff have been ruled out thankfully.

[+] I went through and audited my pages this morning… and determined that I need to do this a lot more often! I had to fix ages for me and the kid, and I also had to update how long I had been doing this blog (23 years!). Oops!

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