PMS-y Tuesday

To the [insert racial or socio-economic slur] mothers at the playground today:
I know… it was hysterically funny when my three year old son did a flip off the swings today and ended up crying in the sand. It must have been really hard to sit there apathetically and watch me comforting him and trying to brush the sand off of him without getting up to see if he was OK or to offer me help. I mean, God forbid you actually have to get off your collective butts and ask if we’re OK or offer us some wet wipes so I can clean off Daniel’s face. I’ll tell you what: next time your kid has a fall at the playground, I’ll sit and laugh at them. Will that make us even?
The mom who was a 15 minute walk away from her diaper bag.

To the people who decided to park in the library parking lot:
The sign says “Library Parking Only” in multiple languages. The library doesn’t open until noon. Thus, it follows that your car should not be in the parking lot until noon. Yet, the parking lot was full at 10 a.m. How about I get a nice petition drive together to have any cars ticketed that are parked in the lot before 11:55? That surely would raise enough money for the local schools to provide for transportation for all the students and give jobs back to all the teachers that were pink-slipped. I have a great idea: stop being lazy bums and park legally.
Hugs and kisses,
The library patron with joint swelling who had a 5 minute wait for a parking space.