6 Quick Takes: Things I Hadn’t Realized I Had Given Up for Lent

7 Quick Takes

Daniel came home from school grumpy and coughing on Tuesday… and had a febrile seizure in my lap at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday. I found myself making a 2 a.m. ER run this morning (Thursday) and sobbing all the way up because I was feeling so alone in dealing with Daniel’s illness. (His fever had spiked and gone down by the time we got to the ER thanks to the Tylenol/Ibuprofen combo the on-call doctor told me to give him.) He’s doing fine now but I’m exhausted and having blogger’s block. For this reason, you’re going to get a light-hearted set of Quick Takes this week.

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— 1 —

Sleep. I’m a night owl by nature but the last week has been harsher than usual in terms of insomnia. I’m having sore joints, headaches, and neck pain because I’m so tired but none of it is helping me sleep better. I need my NP to call in some Trazadone for me or something. Then again, I might sleep well tonight given how long I was up yesterday.

— 2 —

Coffee. OK… so technically I haven’t quite given this one up. I’m having to cut down on it because I can only drink it with milk and I keep forgetting that I’m lactose-intolerant. This doesn’t work well for my stomach. I can also only drink my lattés cold because the hot milk actually does worse things to my stomach that lactase pills don’t even cover.

— 3 —

Having unscratched arms. The house panther likes to lie across my chest and rest her front paws on my left arm. The only problem: it had been a while since her last mani-pedi. She got one on Monday night so all the scratches on my arms are healing and largely scabbed over. (Yeah, I know you love that picture.)

— 4 —

Patience with stupid people. OK… I actually never had this but fasting makes me crankier and less inclined to put up with stupid remarks. No… it would not be good if the next pope is from Africa so you can call their critics “racists”. No, Benedict XVI is not retiring to avoid arrest on child rape charges stemming from the sex abuse scandals all over the world. No, the meteor in Russia was not a result of Americans trying to prove global warming. [sarcasm] Why yes, the supermajority in California was a direct result of vote tampering. How did you know? [/sarcasm]

— 5 —

My ability to come up with Quick Takes. Writing these is like pulling teeth. It might be the extreme sleep deprivation, the lack of a life I’ve had this week, or the current phase of the moon. In any case, it’s irritating.

— 6 —

The show Hart of Dixie. I’m woefully behind (it competes with two other shows I watch) and yet I haven’t made an effort to catch up on episodes since December. It might be that I’m irritated that Zoe is settling for Wade or something else — I’m not entirely sure.

OK… there is no seventh Quick Take. I need sleep.

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11 thoughts on “6 Quick Takes: Things I Hadn’t Realized I Had Given Up for Lent

  1. Sorry to hear about your rough week! What is it with this week anyway? Ours hasn’t been pretty either. Hope you can get some rest soon–being tired and grumpy is just no fun. I’ve had to cut way down on my coffee consumption as well, but for other reasons (ICC, pregnancy, stomach troubles, etc), and I’ve found that instant hot cocoa is kind of an okay substitute if I put some whole milk into it (like a few tablespoons). I know it is full of fake stuff and sugar and junk, but at least it helps me feel a bit saner for a few minutes while I drink it!

  2. Do they know what is causing these seizures???? 🙁 on a lighter note: we got ‘Air One’ now in Ventura…the station needs more variety, but it is so wonderful to be able to keep a station ON without worrying what the kiddos are hearing – isn’t Chris Tomlin’s Whom shall I fear your anthem of late?

  3. Hope Daniel is on the mend–how scary.

    And like you, and Beth Anne, sometimes Quick Takes are really hard. But then again so is blogging lately. Maybe when I have more excitement, I’ll have more to blog about? Or maybe then, I’ll just be too busy?? Can’t win.

  4. Both my sister and I had febrile seizures as small children. I actually found my sister when she was having hers and I remember how scary it was. I understand the tired.exhaustion.can’t turn it off. lack of sleep. Best wishes for improvement in the coming week!

  5. My oldest had a febrile seziure when he was about 2 yrs old and it was scary!! I hope Daniel is feeling better now.

    As far as coffee. . . .have you tried a coconut milk creamer? I cannot do dairy anymore either. The coconut milk creamers are a great subsitute.

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