Five Favorites: Miscellanea (XXI)

Five Favorites


My mother-in-law. I’m not saying this just because she watches my kid on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in. (OK… it’s more than just Saturday mornings.) The woman is freaking brilliant, generous with her time and energy, spoils my two cats, and bakes me the best chocolate-peppermint vegan cupcakes on the planet. She also has yet to whack me upside the head with a pillow to get me up in the mornings and I appreciate her restraint.


OPI Nail Polish. The stuff on my toes right now is “Princesses Rule!” and it’s a nice light pink color with glitter. I’m also a fan of “Pedal Faster Suzi!” which is usually what I end up with if I get gel on my hands and lacquer on my toes. (For the record, I had never had my nails done ever until I turned 29 and was down in southern California on a call interview for Jon. My 16 year old self is rolling her eyes.)


“Tacky” by Weird Al. It’s awesome as all of Weird Al’s music is. (It’s a parody of Pharrell’s “Happy”.


“Hedge of Protection” by Tim Hawkins. I quote this one at least daily. I also have to make sure I’m not drinking anything when certain friends of mine are praying for me because I *will* spit out whatever I’m drinking when they pray for a “hedge of protection” around me. (This would be the source of the chai on my dashboard.)


“Just, Just, Father, Father” by Tim Hawkins. I am totally guilty of using the word “just” too often in prayer.

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6 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Miscellanea (XXI)

  1. Thanks for the laughs this morning! Tacky video was hilarious (will have to share that with the kids), and the “hedge of protection” had me laughing out loud!! 🙂 Oh… love OPI too! The names are just so fun. Is it weird that the names influence which one I choose? Maybe they are supposed to?

  2. My rabbi thinks “hedge of protection” is some pagan/new age/folk magic/folk religious thing, where people attribute certain powers to certain plants that can block evil. And it just sounds (h)edgy.

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