7 Quick Takes: Highs and Lows

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Low: I had a screaming fit at Daniel’s school district on Monday. Their idiot special ed person was not communicating with me and I finally called up the chain of command and made sure that the superintendent and the assistant superintendent knew exactly what was happening. The assistant superintendent kicked the special ed person off of Daniel’s case and has found me someone who is being pro-active about working with me.

— 2 —

High: I got all the ornaments crocheted and starched for Daniel’s support people. This is the pattern I used and this is how I starched them.

— 3 —

Low: We had the family memorial service for Edda (my black cat) and placed her memorial stone in the garden. It’s been a month and we’re pretty sure that she isn’t coming back. Tuesday (the day we placed the stone) was pretty hard for me and I think I cried more than I have in a long time. Edda was a really special little girl to me.

— 4 —

High: I got to go sing portions of the Christmas section of the “Messiah” on Wednesday. We’re doing it as the Christmas Eve cantata. I am in music geek heaven. I spent last Thursday pounding out my parts on the piano and it made this Wednesday a lot easier because I could hold my own while practicing the choruses.

— 5 —

Low: Some malware got on my computer. Symantec worked for an hour and couldn’t get it off so I was grumping about having to take it to a tech. I was talking to my mom who suggested googling the problem and seeing what I could find. Google had something and I was able to get the bad stuff off. I unfortunately lost all my bookmarks on my Chrome but oh well.

— 6 —

High: I got to bake cookies this morning. I have a cookie exchange for church on Sunday night and I also have people to whom I have to give presents. The baking went really quickly and I can focus on Christmas cards now.

— 7 —

High: We’re getting rain right now in California. Northern California got smacked with the storm and we’re getting hit pretty hard today down in Claremont.

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