{five favourites}: Miscellanea (LXX)


I usually do this link-up around Tuesday/Wednesday but my week got a little crazy. I figured I’d get my 7 Quick Takes up because they were pretty prominently on my mind and then link up here over the weekend. 🙂


The Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremonies. I love seeing what the various countries are wearing because sometimes it includes beautiful ethnic costumes. They did not disappoint. The Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar had women who looked completely elegant and some of the nations that are part of Oceania had beautiful dresses and sarongs. I also loved the traditional-style dresses that the Georgian team was wearing even if their nation petitioned to have the costume changed. I was not enamored with the clothes Team USA was wearing and I think the women should have done the blazer-over-a-sheath-dress thing that many of the other western nations did. Those women looked very pretty and not like they were in some boring pants suit for a meeting.


COPS. The show has been on since I was a kid but it’s addictive and it sometimes shows the lighter side of law enforcement.


Jail. They film footage in jails around the country though Las Vegas, Portland, and various cities in Texas and Florida are the more popular ones. Sometimes, the inmates can be pretty humorous.


Locally-sourced foods. While I live in town, it’s only about a 5-10 minute drive until you’re out in the fields. We’ve been stopping at little farm stands when we’re out doing errands and we’ve learned about some interesting things that are grown in the area such as tayberries.


Robitussin Nighttime Cough DM. We’ve been fighting colds in this house for the least week or so and as it’s a chest cold, I’m definitely having problems breathing which lead to problems sleeping. This formulation of Robitussin has an antihistamine in it which is making me feel really chill. I’m hoping it helps me sleep.

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