Make America Kind Again

This year, the March for Life and the Women’s March were on back-to-back days. Because I don’t believe in living in a little bubble of people who agree with me, I have friends who aren’t supporters of the Women’s March and friends who don’t necessarily agree with the March for Life. That’s cool. They’re all respectful… but not all THEIR friends are, and one of them, in particular, was going off on everything that has gone wrong for the Women’s March this year. (When you have a movement that big and diverse, friction can happen, and people grow apart from each other. Some groups are not participating this year.) It reminded me of two years ago when someone disagreed with me for participating in the Women’s March (which I’ve never gotten to do because either Daniel or I have been ER-level sick) and told me that I’d be associated with those pro-choice people, asking me if I really wanted that.

The answer I wanted to give then (and still want to give):

Absolutely! My pro-choice friends accept that we can want the same thing and disagree about how to get there. None of them have ever voted for someone who wanted to deny me healthcare or who wanted to cut programs that would allow me to take care of my child. They listen to my pro-life witness, and we find common ground. None of them vote for politicians who advocate sexually assaulting women.

Most of all, none of them have ever trashed me for wanting to participate in the March for Life.

I saw this a few days ago and thought it was worth sharing, especially in light of the Covington Catholic High School students who mocked the Omaha elder and stood there smirking in their MAGA hats.

Make America Kind Again

I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather be known for being kind than for being “great”. In fact, I think kind people are pretty great.