7 Quick Takes: Almost Done Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Portfolio. I got my Portfolio back during my exit interview today. I got a perfect score on it… obviously. (I am motherfreaking Hermione, biotch!)

Title page

By the way, I made the background from scratch… and used it on my table of contents and all my divider pages.

— 2 —

Exit interview. My exit interview was today and was 30 minutes of shooting the breeze with my department chairs. I ended up with a 99 in my Final Project class (and yes, I am flipping out mentally about that point I lost because it was a stupid proofreading error I made on my reflection paper), so yay!

— 3 —

My Document Production class. I still hate Document Production and my instructor was laughing at me today when I told her. I hate it because I lose points for stupid things like extra spaces that will not be visible in the printed copy (or even when I turn off non-printing characters), and I told her that her favorite saying (“read all the words, not just the ones you like”) is completely true. The instruction I miss is something small in a margin or a couple of words in the midst of a huge paragraph.

— 4 —

What’s next after graduation? I have to chase down some therapy stuff for Daniel this summer and there is a possible hysterectomy on the horizon for me, so I can’t job hunt just yet. I’m looking for an accounting assistant or accounting paraprofessional position, so I’m keeping my ears open for now and seeing what comes up. I’ll also put my resume on GlassDoor and InDeed.

— 5 —

Comparison. I’ve had people ask if this is harder than my college degree and the answer is “not even close”. I have a 95 or above in all but two of my classes. I can’t say that this happened in more than a handful of my BA classes because the work expected of me was so much harder. I did my BA in three years, but unlike my AAS degrees at Skagit, it was three VERY full years. I was full-time EVERY quarter, if not more than a full load.

My MTS classes were all A’s, but that’s because it was a very specific area in which it was all my strengths.

— 6 —

A new show for y’all. Now that Game of Thrones is over and the writers did a horrible thing to Daenerys (she should have been queen and they know it!), y’all need to be watching Forged in Fire and learn how all those cool swords and knives were made. Seriously, it’s a fun show (and yes, I’m watching it while I blog) and I’ve learned a lot about an area of craftsmanship that is not my own.

— 7 —

Chucks. I was hoping to get myself a pair of Converse Chucks for the first time ever… and found out when I went to my local shoe store that my feet are too wide for Converse shoes. There was a pair that might have worked, but it still felt tight and like it would give me blisters. I was bummed, but I did end up buying shoes that worked better for me.

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1 thought on “7 Quick Takes: Almost Done Edition

  1. Would a pair of men’s converse shoes work for you? I have always had wide feet (and so do a few of my kids), and I wind up buying men’s sneakers for us as they are cut a little wider. (Where I live there’s not a lot of options for shoes, and wide sizes in our boat like sizes are rarely stocked).

    Congratulations on your academic success! You’re amazing to do so well in such detailed classes. (As a college teacher, I love adults with kids who return to school and take my classes. They tend to work harder, be more focused, and understand the concept of homework. I bet your teachers loved having you!)
    Good luck wit your summer plans!

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