7 Quick Takes: Stationery, Pens, and Bullet Journal Edition

7 Quick Takes

Just a head’s up, this post contains a ton of referral links for Amazon.Com as I am now an Amazon affiliate.

Some of you know that one of my hobbies is writing pen pal letters, and I thought I’d share some links for stationery, pens, and bullet journal stuff because why not?

I’d also appreciate prayers for tomorrow for my sanity and good behavior on Daniel’s part when we head down to Seattle Children’s for 22q Clinic. Five hours in an exam room does not make me a happy panda, especially with a child who hates being stuck in one room.

— 1 —

La Papierre. I found out about La Papierre through one of my pen pals who uses their stationery sets. The paper and envelopes are super cute, and they ship for free to the US and Canada. 🙂 They also run a stationery subscription service for people who write lots of letters by hand.

— 2 —

Pilot Frixion erasable pens. I use this pen for seriously everything. I also like this color, this color, this color, and this color.

— 3 —

Pilot Highlighter Frixion Light highlighters. I use these to add color to my bullet journal. I haven’t used them on printed text, but friends of mine like them for that.

— 4 —

Notebooks. I use one of these in green currently for my bullet journal and will probably switch to a black one at the end of the year. My only complaint is that it doesn’t lie completely flat, so it can be hard if you are trying to draw a line or write close to the inner page margin. Otherwise, it’s cheaper than the Leuchtterm 1917 notebooks that most hardcore people use.

— 5 —

Muji. Muji is a Japanese store that has some US locations including a couple in northern California and one in Seattle. I’ve heard really good things about this notebook for bullet journaling, and you could probably do a collage on the cover with Modge Podge.

— 6 —

Calligraphy pens. I have no skills for drawing or art at all, but people who do have recommended these pens for spreads in one’s bullet journal. If they are too pricy for you, these work just as well.

— 7 —

Amazon.Com’s stationery. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but Amazon.Com has some pretty amazing deals on stationery for both hand-writing letters and printing them off your computer. I took part in a swap last month, and my partner ordered me some amazing stuff from them.

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