The Ground Rules for This Site

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled onto my blog. Aren’t you just so lucky?

I’ve had Meditatio in some way/shape/form for 23 years and it has been in this form (though not necessarily at this address) for the last 20 years. I moved it in September 2005 because some people found my site and used it against my former husband and me. Since I would really like not to have to make this whole site passworded, I’m setting up some ground rules.

  1. I am entitled to have my own opinions on issues. I am unapologetically Christian, semi-conservative, an unapologetic Democrat, and a whole host of other things. I respect that you may not be, so do me a favor and let me have my beliefs, m’kay?
  2. I am entitled to my privacy. I don’t have my last name on the site for a reason. If you want to link me, please do not use my last name under any circumstances! It’s a little too unique and searchable. My maiden name (which I go by now) is less searchable, but I still want some level of privacy.
  3. I have the right to express my feelings in a healthy way. I may be a former pastor’s wife but I am also human. If I get frustrated with something, let me be frustrated, OK? It’s better that I express it on here and get it out of my system than carry it with me and let it affect the rest of my day and how I deal with other people.
  4. I reserve the right to use this space for whatever I want to do with it. I pay the hosting on this space = I decide on the content. Anything remotely controversial that is related to my real life is posted elsewhere or passworded. (And no, you don’t get the password or the other URL.)
  5. I reserve the right to decide what is passworded and who gets my password. I don’t care if you know me in real life or whether you are just some random stranger — it’s my writing and I decide who reads it.

If these rules are disobeyed, I will re-password the entire site and only special people will get access. (If it’s only a comment, I will blacklist you and IP-ban you from this domain.) I really don’t want to have to do this — I like having feedback and I like having the freedom to express myself. However, I also really do not appreciate having people stab me in the back and use my words against me; and having been through this before, I am a whole lot leerier. If you disagree with me on any of the rules, just skip my blog and move on to one where you agree. Nobody is forcing you to read this and I’m sure your life will be just as complete without the ramblings of an angsty 40something in Washington.

I didn’t want to have to put up a page like this, but the experience I had in September 2005 has forced me to be a whole lot more secretive with some things and a whole lot blunter with stating other things.

Oh yeah… README.