7 Quick Takes: Triduum Hymn Edition

7 Quick Takes

It’s Maundy Thursday, y’all! Who’s up for a Triduum hymn singalong??? Yeah, just me? #churchmusicnerd

— 1 —

“Now We Join in Celebration”. This is my favorite ELCA Communion hymn. I mean, the tune is “Schmücke dich”. What’s not to like??? #hymntunenerd

— 2 —

“Ubi Caritas”. This was the first Taizé chant I learned, and it is still a favorite. We use it a lot when we do bilingual worship with our Spanish-speaking mission congregation.

— 3 —

“Ah, Holy Jesus”. This is my favorite Triduum hymn by far… and we never sing it at my church!

— 4 —

“O Sacred Head Now Wounded”. This is the one most people think of when it comes to Good Friday. I know I learned it from an old Amy Grant CD 25 years ago.

— 5 —

“How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”. This sounds like it is something from the mid-19th century, but it is maybe 25-30 years old at most. it was written by Stuart Townend, who is better known for more contemporary pieces.

— 6 —

“Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” This is better known as an African-American spiritual, and it gets sung at most Protestant Good Friday services across the board.

— 7 —

“Near the Cross”. This is not one I’ve heard sung on Good Friday because most Lutheran churches favor the older hymns (and I’m with them–give me something pre-1700 any day!), but it is appropriate.

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  1. I just discovered Ah Holy Jesus this year, with a slightly different (mostly just a more modern) translation, in the Catholic liturgy of the hours. This arrangement you’ve shared here is so beautiful – I love the early music feel to the chosen accompaniment and it seems very fitting to the melody as well.

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