7 Quick Takes: Got My Fauci Ouchie Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

How all of this works. For those who don’t know, this is how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work:

— 2 —

Monday. I had made my vaccine appointment for Monday at my local grocery store pharmacy. Well, I got an email on Monday morning saying that my vaccine appointment was canceled. I called the pharmacy in case this was a computer glitch, and they told me that my appointment had indeed been canceled because the website overbooked them.


— 3 —

Plan B. The person at the pharmacy told me call back in a few hours to see if I could get another appointment with them, but I opted to go see what I could find on Vaccine Locator instead. The local vaccination clinic at the fairgrounds had spots, so I made an appointment with them for a drive-thru vaccine on Tuesday afternoon.

— 4 —

Wait… a DRIVE-THRU VACCINE CLINIC?!?!?!? Yep, you drive thru the building, they give you a shot in the shoulder next to the window, and then you drive to an area to do your 15-minute wait. The people giving the shot are *ACTUAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS* and they are completely prepared with Epi-pens in case someone has an anaphylactic reaction.

— 5 —

Tuesday afternoon. I drove down to the county fairgrounds for my appointment, and there were people directing traffic so that people went to the right line. When I got there, the volunteer checked to make sure I didn’t have a habit of fainting during injections (which would mean I would need to go somewhere else) and handed me a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. I was directed to other people and then ended up in a line of cars to wait for my turn to drive through the sheep barn at the fair. I filled out my paperwork, chatted with the volunteer assigning people to lines going through the sheep barn, and read the e-book on my phone while I waited.

When it was my turn, I drove into the line on the right and pulled up until I was told to stop. A very nice LPN was assigned to do the last bit of screening and give me the shot. She folded my left arm in front of me, told me to put my shoulder down, and put one hand on my shoulder to steady it while giving me the injection with her other hand. I felt the needle go in, but it wasn’t painful. She almost forgot to give me my card before I drove off, but I have the card stating when I got my vaccine (Moderna) and the lot number in case there were problems.

After the injection and they made sure I wasn’t going to react in the first minute or so, they directed me to drive to a series of lines similar to what you see while waiting for a ferry boat. Each line was a group of people who had just gotten the shot, and a volunteer came up to me and told me what to do if I felt myself starting to have a reaction (wave my arm outside the window if I could or honk my horn). I also heard another volunteer telling another group to call 911 if they started having a reaction at home instead of calling the vaccine clinic. (It’s similar to the message you hear on the phone line at your doctor’s office about hanging up and dialing 911 if you are having a medical emergency.) I sent my lovely vaccine selfie to a few people and put it up on Facebook before reading until they told me I could go home.


— 6 —

Side effects. Other than a sense of hope and renewed optimism, the side effects I had from the vaccine were a sore arm (normal for me after a shot) and a bad headache. I was talking to Daniel’s pediatrician on Wednesday when he had his ADHD appointment, and she told me to take the day off after my next shot in April because she ended up with a really bad migraine after hers. I work from home, so I’ll probably be OK as I can be in a dark room and work while lying down if needed. I also had some minor chills Tuesday night and then this morning.

— 7 —

What’s next? Once all of us in the family are vaccinated that can be vaccinated, we’re talking about having family gatherings outside in the backyard. It is probably not going to be happening by my birthday in May, but we are hoping that people might be able to get together for my nephew Braden’s birthday in June.

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  1. They’re doing vaccines at the fairgrounds here too, and also doing them what i like to call “polio style” (because it looks exactly like those drive through polio vaccine photos from the 50s). The line literally gets to be two or three miles long: on days where they’re not doing it, it’s a little strange to see the signs directing traffic on the by roads.

    Hubby got both of his finally, and got his card. Sometimes it does pay to be an educator.

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