Catching Up: July 8, 2022

Oh boy…

[+] I got the news a week ago that my job was being made temporary because of new legislation that was passed that puts it in a new category. I need to look into it more, but I might be job-hunting in the next year or so. There’s lots that is up in the air right now, so please pray that I can figure out what needs to happen. I’ve known that this was coming at some point for the last two years, so I’m glad that I at least have a timeline now?

[+] The quarter started this week. I worked less than I expected, but that will probably change next week.

[+] I’m watching “Intervention” right now, and this episode is about a family that all hooked on fentanyl. It’s hideous stuff, and I’m starting to see some addiction mannerisms in the people on the show that I’ve seen in people I know. I lost a cousin 11 years ago to drug-induced mental health issues, I tutor classes in Human Services that deal with addictions (I have more than a few students who are current or former addicts), and it’s giving me insight into someone at church whose behavior toward me has been incredibly dysfunctional. (I suspect alcohol might be involved, but I’m pretty sure I can’t prove it.)

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