7 Quick Takes: More Vaccine Fun, Prison Chaplain to the Nazis, and Library Love

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

More from Simcha. Simcha posted something on Dr. Deisher, vaccines, and autism today which is worth a read. She brings up one of the things that drives me batty about a lot of the “vaccines cause autism” hysteria: their science is completely faulty.

This is also why I’m in the process of developing a shirt that says: “Yes, my kid is autistic. Yes, we vaccinated them. No, they are not on the GAPS diet. Please go away.” People are obsessed with pseudo-science (the “vaccines = autism” portion) and while the GAPS diet/gluten-free diet does work for some kids, it isn’t a magical cure.

— 2 —

Baseball. The Giants continue to be behind the Dodgers, a trend I’m hoping will reverse itself as I’m living in Dodger country. The Dodgers usually suck so this is kind of surprising. On the other hand, a few of the main people have been out with injuries this season.

On the other hand, the Cardinals are the top of their division so at least one of my two teams has a shot at the World Series.

— 3 —

Minister to Nazis during Nuremburg trials. I read an article on Henry Gerecke, the LCMS pastor assigned to be the chaplain for the war criminals being tried in the Nuremburg Trials, and it was very interesting. One of the questions raised is why men would be given spiritual care when they obviously didn’t give a crap about the 6+ million people they butchered. I also found it interesting that Pastor Gerecke would not commune the 11 men sentenced to hang unless they met his standard of repentance and only 4 did.

I was telling my mother-in-law about the article and she told me about Sunday school lessons in her Lutheran church in the 1950’s where they laid out what Jesus said and gave the hypothetical situation of what would happen if the government told you to do something that countered what Jesus said. The fact that many of the most ruthless Nazi war criminals were Lutheran did not escape the minds of American Lutherans.

— 4 —

Flu shot. I got my flu shot this afternoon as did my mother-in-law and Jon. I thought I’d go to Walgreens because of the program I mentioned last week but I have to stay after for observation due to my egg allergy so it was easier to go to Target where my mother-in-law could stroll Daniel around. (Our local Walgreens is tiny.) (You also should go read Angie’s post on this.)

— 5 —

Library awesomeness. Ann-Marie blogged today on how getting an email from the library announcing your item is in is like getting a free gift. I totally agree. I’ve been checking the library site daily to see if Laura Childs’ new books are on there… and they are. Apparently, someone in cataloging jumped the gun and put them on. I had to call my local library and ask sweetly (because the website was refusing to let me put a hold on them) and they added me to the waiting list. Hopefully, I will be #1 on the list when they arrive!

— 6 —

ID bracelet. While Daniel can point out his name and address on paper, he still isn’t able to say them so I started looking into getting a special ID bracelet made for him a few weeks ago. After Googling a bit, I came upon the company Road ID and found exactly what I needed. The order confirmation and shipping emails were totally accurate and even included some interesting facts on California. We’ve had the bracelet for the last two weeks and Daniel hasn’t taken it off and lost it yet — something I think is great considering this kid’s penchant for stripping stuff like that off. I highly recommend Road ID and I have a feeling we’ll be working with them for a while every time we move.

— 7 —

Brett. I have received word that “Brett” is finally home in the States with his family. Woohoooo!!!! 2.5 years of serious prayers are answered.

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: More Vaccine Fun, Prison Chaplain to the Nazis, and Library Love

  1. Yessss…that vaccine = autism claim is complete B/S. I dont know how people can believe that.

    And I just got my flu shot as well, 2 weeks ago (early this year). Also had to get a Tdap shot yesterday because my upcoming pharm rotation site requires it. It’s funny that I can give shots but I can’t give one to myself so I had to have my pharmacy mgr do it for me 🙂

  2. yes on #1! I totally remember Jenny McCarthy (I think) going around telling ppl vaccines caused her sons autism for years and she wrote books was on talk shows then last year she finally admitted that it was false and they didn’t cause them..blah blah blah

    #7 that is AMAZING!! I remember when I first found your blog you were raising money for him and finding him parents and now he has parents and is home and everything is awesome!! YAY!!

  3. Why would anyone be surprised by many of the Nazis being Lutheran? Martin Sasse, himself a Lutheran leader, declared that Martin Luther was the greatest anti-semite of his time, and he was likely not far from the truth. Nazi leaders learnt from Luther himself: he lay out the blueprint for Kristallnacht.

  4. Weeelllll, I have 2 who had an autoimmune form of autism. My second son had a pediatrician-documented, overnight regression into autism. 🙁 Our ped reported the reaction to VAERS and was visibly shaken up about the whole thing. It makes me sad and a whole lot of other emotions when people on either side of the camp paint it as black and white. I believe a subset of autism is not triggered by vaccines. I believe a subset is. What I would like is more research! For example, my children have a crapload of genetic weaknesses in their B12 and folic acid metabolism, along with mitochondrial weaknesses. I would like a study comparing kids with these SNPs completely vaccinated, selectively vaccinated, and unvaccinated. Perhaps a study comparing those children with these SNPs versus those without. I’m not trying to argue, it just makes my heart heavy. God bless.

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