7 Quick Takes: Getting Settled in Washington

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

*facepalm* Apparently, the phone line here got buried under the driveway when it was redone so Comcast wouldn’t be able to have Internet hooked up here for a MONTH. Dish Network can get it in next week so we’re now Dish Network customers. I’m OK with this — we had Dish Network in Montana and I’m a fan of theirs.

— 2 —

Unpacking. Daniel and I got up here on Friday, the movers came with furniture on Saturday, and we finally moved into the house yesterday when the beds were finally put together and able to be made. I’m currently sleeping in the guest room as we don’t have a bed (or really any furniture) for my room yet. I ordered what I needed on the IKEA website and it will be here next Tuesday… which is the same day as we get Internet installed here. (We’re making do with a mobile hotspot at the moment.) In the meantime, we’re unpacking every possible box and probably have more than my weight in cardboard and packing paper!

— 3 —

Daniel and school. I had the luck of finding all the necessary paperwork online for the school district here and filled it all out while I was still in San Jose. The good news: I’m apparently so detail-oriented that I filled out every possible piece of paperwork that was necessary with the exception of a records release that I had to pick up from Daniel’s home elementary school up here. (There were also 5 BIG emails of papers sent to Special Education for his IEP, evaluations, etc.) I have him signed up and set-up for ESY (extended school year — basically summer school) up here and that takes place in July. I had a meeting with Daniel’s team (12 people!!!!!) this morning and based on how thorough they were about getting every possible person to this meeting, I’m feeling pretty good about the next school year.

— 4 —

Guest cats. While we were trying to get unpacked and beds were being set up, we were staying at my grandmother’s house and my parents put their two cats in my grandmother’s room downstairs as it was the biggest room. (My grandmother is in an assisted living place here so she wasn’t displaced for this.) My grandmother’s cat Mandy would sit in front of the sliding glass door outside her room and watch my parents’ cats puff up and throw themselves at the window. It was like she was sitting there and watching the floor show while eating popcorn! When I’d let her into the house, I would pick her up and stroke her and tell her that she was evil. (She looks like a clone of my former cat Freya except with a bushier tail — same football shape and coloring. It’s fitting because Freya was (and still is) evil.)

— 5 —

Fitbit. I’m seriously loving my Fitbit Surge. It’s good to see some of the biological data that I keep getting asked to record but can’t for whatever reason. (How am I supposed to know how much sleep I’m getting if I don’t know exactly when I’m falling asleep!?!?!?) It’s kind of humbling to know that I’m getting so little sleep (though it explains a lot) and I’m kind of bummed that it isn’t picking up all my steps, especially when I’m in a challenge against other people based on step count.

On the other hand, it tracks how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed and that has been a lot in the last few days. Yesterday, it gave me the Redwood Badge for 25 flights of stairs! This is a new thing for me as I haven’t lived in a place with stairs in 6 years.

— 6 —

Thunderation! We had a pretty nice storm system blow through yesterday and I was dealing with thunder and lightning while trying to unload all my stuff at the new house. Another time, I was dealing with a pretty intense squall while driving. I haven’t had weather like that since some mountain thunderstorms hit last year in Claremont a couple of the times while I was driving home! The last time I had regular weather like that was Minnesota 11 years ago.

— 7 —

A Daniel story. I’ve been teaching him how to say “I am cute” and he finally said it a couple nights ago at dinner. Ironically, it was when he was *NOT* being cute but it definitely provided some levity.

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