7 Quick Takes: “Not A Zombie” Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Good news: I’m not a zombie. I got a “get in here!” call from my doctor a few weeks ago and got scheduled to be seen today. Last Sunday was Blood Pressure Sunday for our faith community nursing program and one of them noticed that my pulse was a little weird again. She told me to mention it to my doctor and I told her that I’d mention it when I got seen today. When I told my doctor about it, she tried taking my pulse using my left wrist… and couldn’t find it. This was a little weird because my hand wasn’t turning any weird colors and obviously I was sitting there alive in front of her. They had also taken my blood pressure on my left arm and done the pulse-ox sensor on that hand as well so we knew it was there. She tried on all my pulse points and she had a hard time finding it on my left side while my right side was fine. She finally decided to have her nurse take my blood pressure on both sides and see if there was any measurable difference. When they did, my left side was two points above my right side but still normal. Apparently, I have a very quiet pulse on my left side?

But hey, I’m not a zombie, so I guess that’s good news?

— 2 —

The 2018 election. Absentee ballots arrived in the mail today and mine is filled out and ready to mail. Having done my civic duty, I will issue the following reminder:

If you are eligible but don’t vote, you don’t get to complain about the people who get voted into office.

— 3 —

Argh. Carolyn Hax had a letter in her column today about a mom who is butthurt that her son and daughter-in-law (DIL) aren’t calling her to be present in the week after they have their twins. The mom apparently had twins (the son is one of them) and *SHE* knows how much work twins are. One of the DIL’s kids from a prior marriage had surgery right before the DIL is due to have her c-section and the mom’s husband is making noise about requiring an apology before they go help (because they’re positive they’re going to be called in to help now).

Carolyn’s response: don’t be obnoxious and let the parents decide when and if they want visitors during that time. Beautiful.

For all my readers who need to hear this: being present after the birth of a baby is a privilege, not a right. Being a grandparent is a matter of biology and does not entitle you to impose yourself on the new parents because you want baby cuddles or to “educate” the parents on the “proper” way to take care of their babies. Srsly, knock it off.

— 4 —

Mama. This is fascinating.

— 5 —

Boggle. The program we use for improving our typing speed (Keychamp) has a Boggle-like game at the end of every lesson called “Wordchamp” and the highest score for each lesson gets posted for people to see. I may or may not have started playing “Boggle with Friends” on my phone to improve my Wordchamp score.

(Yes, it’s working.)

— 6 —

Church music take. We’re working on this right now. It sounds very Rutteresque.

— 7 —

Paul Allen. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen died this week. It’s a BIG deal in these parts because he has given quite a bit of his wealth away, he owns various sports teams in the Pacific Northwest, he has invested in cultural things up here… I’m seeing people on the street in Seattle crying on various news reports. I’m wondering if it will be this way when Bill Gates passes.

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