7 Quick Takes: Things I Will *NOT* Give Up For Lent Edition

7 Quick Takes

Lent starts for those of us in the West next Wednesday at midnight. Here are some things that I will *NOT* give up for Lent this year.

— 1 —

Coffee. My Lenten discipline should be penitential for *ME*, not everyone around me. It’s also a safety risk for those who have to interact with me.

— 2 —

YouTube. I need entertainment, OK?

— 3 —

Yarn. Let’s not deprive me of one of my stress releases, y’all.

— 4 —

My iPod. Again, let’s not make me get rid of one of my stress releases. Singing along to it in traffic keeps me from inflicting my road rage on others.

— 5 —

Sleep. I do this enough already!

— 6 —

Swearing. I’d be broke within the first day of having a swear jar for Lent. (I’m pretty sure my students would have a pool going as to which hour this was going to go down.)

— 7 —

Pens. I have a little bit of a pen addiction…

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3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Things I Will *NOT* Give Up For Lent Edition

  1. My #1 is not giving up diet Coke. No one could bear to be around me if I abstain! I’m also with you on #5 – I’m up a couple of times each night with my daughter ( who has DS and at 7 yrs old is still an incredibly light sleeper), and adding in menopause insomnia, I need every snooze I can get. I try to do things instead of given up things as I never get past week 1 of abstaining.

  2. I will not be giving up my super dark (85-90%) chocolate for the same reason you aren’t giving up coffee. I haven’t decided if I am giving up other desserts for Lent or not (except for St. Patrick’s Day).

    Oh, and I am not planning to give up going to Mass for Lent. đŸ™‚ (I got that one from one of my university friends.)

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