7 Quick Takes: Putting Together My March Bullet Journal Layout Edition

7 Quick Takes

Much of my creative writing energy is going toward my Lenten blogging, so I thought I’d share some bullet journaling stuff. This is how I created my March layout. As I am an Amazon affiliate, there are Amazon affiliate links in this post.

— 1 —

My supplies. Here are the things I used:

My journal
My pens, 2, 3, 4, 5
My adhesive tape
My stamping blocks
My calendar stamps

My supplies
More supplies.

The metallic Sharpie pens and the two rulers are from Office Depot, and the black ink pad is from Michael’s. (The scissors are from Target or somewhere like that.) The pictures are shamrocks from Unsplash.Com, and this is the photographer’s profile.

— 2 —

One of my hacks. I cannot draw or cut a straight line on my own to save my life, so I’ve found that it works to print graph paper on the back of the image. This site has a variety of types that you can print out and use. (The stuff on the back of the pictures is 5 mm cartesian graph paper because the dots in my journal are at 5 mm intervals.) Once everything is printed out, I trim the edges off and have pictures that I can cut up to use for labels and accent pieces.

The graph paper on the back of my pictures.

— 3 —

Swatch test. I wasn’t sure as to which of my Sharpies would work best on the stuff I had, so I cut a couple of accent pieces and did a swatch test. My gold Sharpies were the best by far.

My swatch test.

— 4 —

Label strips. After I cut the accent pieces for my calendar page, I start cutting strips of the picture that are two squares high to serve as labels for each day, for my trackers, and for special pages. I keep the strips in an envelope in the back pocket flap of my bullet journal.

Label strips.

— 5 —

Calendar page. I had already drawn my calendar when I decided to take pictures for this post, so you are only seeing the finished project in this picture with the exception of the long strips labeling the days of the week. (This calendar spread is two pages wide, so this is just the left page. I also haven’t put the accent piece in with this month’s quote in this picture.)

Part of the calendar.

The second accent piece is placed in this picture. I took part of the last verse of “Be Thou My Vision” and used it.

Second accent piece.

— 6 —

Weekly and daily layouts. This is what my weekly and daily layouts look like. I give each day its own layout, so the weekly one (when I fill it in) gives me my work schedule for the week at a glance as well as any appointments for me or for Daniel. The numbers going down the left side of the daily layout page are hours. I keep a running schedule of things from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and 24-hour time is my preference, especially when I have to do things like space out Miralax doses when Daniel has a cleanse. As you can see, different things are color-coded, and I have a key in the front that explains the colors and any symbols I use.

My weekly and daily layouts.

— 7 —

Monthly trackers. I usually only have two of these so they fit on the calendar page, but I have trackers for my Lenten stuff as well. This is where I use the stamping blocks and pads. The one on the far right is my monthly activity tracker and the rest are the Lenten ones with the non-Lenten weeks crossed out in gold.


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