June Blogs: Rebecca

Rebecca is my BFF who was my maid-of-honor in 2002 and is Daniel’s godmother. I swear the two of us were separated at birth.

I am Catholic and an information science professional. I love reading, long walks, sports, and spending time with friends and family. I enjoy opportunities to be creative especially making cards and using paper beads to make jewelry and rosaries. I believe that all human beings are deserving of dignity and respect. Right now I am wishing that the laundry would do itself.

How I know Jen
I met Jen in high school and over the course of our friendship we have developed an almost spiritual twin connection that can be disconcerting. I texted her complaining about a problem with a pharmacist. She asked me if I was having problems with mine or if I had read her blog post. Even when we were at separate universities she could always tell when I had missed Mass. We have a similar sense of humor. We bond over the challenges of living our faith in the often messy and frustrating “real world”. We also bond over our love of the San Francisco Giants and can happily spend our “Starbucks hour” discussing James Martin’s books.

A Summer Memory
One summer night when I was in college I had a late dinner and dessert with friends. None of us wanted to go home, but we could not figure out what we wanted to do that was still open. One of my friends suggested we go up one of the local hills and look at the stars. We spent a couple of hours simply talking and looking at the stars.