7 Quick Takes: Jen Is Busy Edition

7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

Happy news. Someone from Reddit shared this link with me. I have it bookmarked to show to students who are having a freak-out at what they’re doing in drop-in tutoring.

— 2 —

An update on Rachel Held Evans. According to Rachel’s husband Dan, they’re currently weaning her off her coma meds. Please keep praying for her.

— 3 —

Trappistines. I’m watching/listening to this as I type and it is fascinating.

— 4 —

School-related take. I was doing itineraries, memo reports, agendas, and minutes this week in Document Production and it was… interesting. It’s a hard class for me because I am incredibly nitpicky and every small mistake and accidental extra space knocks 10% off of my assignment grade. We still haven’t gotten our grades from Assignment 2, so we were all grasping at straws for Assignment 3, which was due tonight (Thursday night).

— 5 —

Prayer request. Please pray for my friend Sister Lucia, a Discalced Carmelite nun, as she makes her First Profession on May 13. Thanks!

— 6 —

Tutoring take. I’m still being run off my feet, but I’m liking it today because I get to help people with Excel, which is one of my favorite applications. I’m having students in the same class work in groups and help each other unless they’re taking a test, and it’s working out well.

— 7 —

Rend Collective. Here’s a new song from one of my favorite bands.

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