OK… Who Gave Me This Cold?!?!?!?

Given that quite a few of you have colds, flus, etc., can I please inquire as to who gave me this bleeping cold?Â? I blamed Jon originally but I think someone might have given it to me online!

Then again, I spent 3 days in close quarters with family and was adrenalinated beyond normal…

Argh… my sleep schedule is knocked off as I’ve been doped on cold meds and I’m now awake at wrong times and asleep at others.Â? (Well… the sleeping in this morning was due to my 15 lb tabby who sat on me and vibrated even when I changed positions.)

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Jen isn't quite sure when she lost her mind, but it is probably documented here on Meditatio. She blogs because the world needs her snark at all hours of the night... and she probably can't sleep anyway.

4 thoughts on “OK… Who Gave Me This Cold?!?!?!?

  1. Tis the season to be jolly, overstressed, overjoyed & therefore worn down. I caught a pretty nasty cold as well. Thanks to massive doses of cold meds, my nose is no longer running like faucet, but my heart rate is about 110-120.

    Hope that you had a good holiday season. Our snow in Wisconsin is quickly melting away. We didn’t even get a chance to snowshoe. Although I am sure that we will soon get more. The kids had a great Christmas as did Chris and I.

  2. my 15 lb tabby who sat on me and vibrated even when I changed positions

    That’s the best kind of pillow/blankie/cuddle. I took a nap this afternoon, and Dashielle played the role of “The kitty who would be close” – trying to stuff her whiskers up my nose, and purring loud and long.

  3. Lisa, we didn’t have a white Christmas — we got maybe an inch of snow two nights ago but it hasn’t been that big a deal because it’s been about 40 or warmer every day since. I don’t mind the 40F temps in winter though I know a lot of farmers would like the snow for the sake of their crops.

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