Random Thoughts on Various Things

Here are random thoughts on things that are going on:

[+]The Constitutional amendment defining marriage as the Biblical model: Let’s see… hurricane season has started and I highly doubt the levies are fixed; we’re fighting a losing battle in Iraq; and gas companies are inflating prices. In other words… THERE ARE MORE PRESSING THINGS TO THINK ABOUT RATHER THAN THE SEX LIVES OF OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!

[+]Bill O’Reilly on the slaughters at MalmÃ?dy: Bill, you’re an f-ing moron. You made the mistake, not once but TWICE and you dressed down a 4-star general in the process who actually KNEW something about which he was speaking.. The Americans WERE the victims, NOT the Germans. You CANNOT compare that to the atrocities at Abu Gharib or Hadith. WE were the ones who screwed up in those two cases.

/end snarkiness

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  1. Well, that, and let’s not even start on all of the other parts of the Bible that the administration is NOT following. Judging others comes to mind.

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