i just cleaned leaves from a pretty good portion of our basil plants (if not all of them). mom trimmed down the basil plants since they were starting to blossom and you lose leaves when they blossom. so i spent three hours plucking leaves and washing them before making probably 8 cups of pesto. the pesto was wonderful on orzo tonight — a little too soft but that’s ok.

dori’s sermon was wonderful this morning. i think that the necessity of quiet times really needs to be emphasized. mine are tending to be too short but oh well… the passage i was reading for odb this evening was really good. it emphasized not just being ready for Christ’s coming but keeping ready. this means that i shouldn’t slack on my quiet times (not that i do) and that i should be doing confession as a regular part of my quiet times. for one thing, it removes guilt from me and it also keeps me reminded that i do have Someone in my life who will forgive me of everything i do and every mistake i make if i am truly sorry.

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