extra time

i am about three pages into the 5 pages i have to do for soc today. the midterm topic isn’t unfair (though i could argue that reading max weber’s sociobabble counts as cruel and unusual punishment) but it requires a lot of re-reading as i hunt for quotes. i’m doing this entry to keep my sanity up. i’ve got nearly a page of space allowed on the second part of my response and i still need to write the page for my first response.

my orthodontist appointment kind of didn’t happen today. mom got up here at 12:40 and told me that it was going to take two hours to get home because 17 was a parking lot. i had to make a decision about whether or not i was going to attempt to make it. i chose not to go home because i felt like i’d have a problem being back up here by a reasonable time. i also knew that this afternoon could be better spent working on sociology and relaxing myself. i wish that mom hadn’t had to come all the way over the hill to tell me this (especially since she had to deal with the parking lot on 17). it worked out actually better for me so i don’t feel as bad as i would normally.

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