dac rehash

dac (discipleship after campus — a conference for seniors and some juniors) was really wonderful — better than i thought it would be. i am now *really* conferenced-out just because i hadn’t totally digested fall con and now i was at another conference with a lot of information thrown at me. a lot of the information was stuff that i already knew (i.e. work is important, finding a church once you get out of college…) but it was still pretty ok. the speaker could have been a bit more charismatic and interesting but he was pretty good. it was also *soooooo* wonderful to be with so many people of God from uc davis, st. mary’s, uop, sac state, sonoma state, cal-berkeley, stanford, and ucsc. the slug women stayed with one of the berkeley staff members and jen was really a wonderful hostess. she let us watch her movies, offered to make us breakfast, worked out some amazing housing arrangements (we fit all six of the women into her apartment), and hung out with us. got my posters up… finally. now to unpack the rest of my boxes…

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