caroling rehash

i was reflecting on last week’s caroling this morning and i remembered that some of us had been singing “this little light of mine” as we were walking through porter. it’s really interesting that we were singing it then because porter is one of the most “dark” colleges on campus. we actually have people from there in the fellowship this year (praise God!) but there is still a very anti-christian sentiment there. we did a few songs there since they seem to like us or at least think we’re amusing. the words “this little light of mine/ i’m gonna let it shine/let it shine,let it shine, let it shine!!!” probably would have gotten us jumped had it been any other time but somehow they let us do it under the guise of our christmas caroling. very interesting…

yesterday at church, don played two john michael talbot/michael card songs during communion. i have to say… it was perfect timing after his sermon on how Jesus suffered. he played “come to the table” and “advent suite” (since yesterday was the first sunday of advent). i got both off of napster when i got home and i think i am now addicted to john michael talbot. the guy has an *amazing* testimony and i was completely blown away when i read it.

ok… one final today and one a day for the next two days. i think i can manage that. 🙂

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