oh boy… where do i start in describing my winter break?

i worked at barnes and noble for two weeks which was fun though really tiring. retail at christmas is just nightmarish because you deal with so many people and so much merchandise. i ended up getting really sick twice — the second day i was back (which i am not going to talk about since it was both mortifying for me as well as disgusting) and the last day when i was having severe asthma problems. they diagnosed me with pleurisy (inflammation of the lungs).

i went to montana with ma famille and ma fiancée (yes… i know my french is atrocious) and that was wonderful. i got to see my extended family again and i got to play with my little cousins.
then, i left for urbana. urbana was so intense and amazing that it requires a page of its own. i’ll post it when i get a chance. i came back with bronchitis (which was mild considering that others came back with bad fevers and stuff).

i’m back at school now and doing classes again.

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