urban plunge

well… urban plunge was amazing and awesome. people from santa cruz and from santa clara university spent the weekend learning about God’s love for the poor, doing service projects, and fellowshipping together. we were staying at san francisco christian center and they were wonderful hosts. the people who came by during the weekend were all asking us how things were going, if they could do anything for us, and we worshipped with them today. it’s an african-american church so for many of us it was a cross-cultural worship experience. it was an amazing service and one of the most alive ones that i have ever been to. there were 70 year old women in the aisles dancing to the youth choir and we were just getting down to the music and dancing.

some highlights of the weekend were:
-the skits on saturday night, especially the genesis one. (think beatnik poetry meets the pentateuch with some 50’s music thrown in)
-scouring steps and weeding gardens on saturday
-the worship service this morning
-lunch today. (cheap but good mexican food)
-the time when everyone was getting ready for bed and were talking

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