urbana and forgiveness

well… today, i went to the urbana gathering for santa cruz peoples. it was fun and the food was wonderful. we talked about the various adventures we had at urbana from making snow angels (it was fun!!!!) to getting there and back.

i want to ask everyone to pray for al de guzman, the guy who tried to blow up my brother’s community college. i’m aware that the guy did make 60 bombs of various types and that he had guns and ammo ready; and i’m aware that he had planned this for two years. i also fully realize that my brother could have been killed. however, this is a 19 year-old guy who is now facing around 128 felony counts. he’s facing pretty much a life sentence with (hopefully) no chance of parole. our prison system is not into rehabilitation and will probably get worse under the fraud that currently runs our country. in short, this kid has just screwed his life up royally. i believe in grace and i know that by grace i am saved. God will extend his forgiveness to the gunman if he seeks it and i know that i must follow the same example. if i can’t forgive him, how can God forgive me? so please, pray for al de guzman. he needs all the forgiveness and prayer he can get. also please pray for his family and the filipino community in san jose. this has been a great shock to them and i can’t imagine being in the place of his parents or siblings.

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